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Morgen Beach

Morgen is a common name for two well-maintained beaches located on the Budva coast. Some tourists consider Morgen the best solution for a beach holiday on the whole Montenegrin coast.



The beach of Morgen is located in the southwestern part of the Montenegrin resort of Budva. Before him leads one way, which begins on the waterfront, passes through Old Budva and continues along the beach of Richardard's head. Sometimes at the beginning of the road there are uncouth rocky areas and large boulders. After overcoming all obstacles, a comfortable path starts leading directly to the treasured beach. The whole route takes about 20 minutes.

On the way through the coastal path you will see the gracefully curved figure of a ballerina adorning one of the coastal stones. It has already become a kind of symbol of Budva. No one can explain the origin of the beautiful figure. Perhaps it was installed on the site of the death of the athlete in memory of him.

 The location of Morgen beach in Montenegro


Morgen-1 and Morgen-2

The beach, located closer to the center of the city - Morgen-1, a beach area, hidden by a rock and following it - Morgen-2. For the convenience of tourists, a wooden bridge will be thrown between them.

Morgen-1 can be called more modern and comfortable. Along its coast there are a number of cafes, there is a shower with fresh water and a couple of locker rooms, many sun beds are provided for the guests. The bottom here is flat, sharp cliffs and dangerous pits are absent altogether. It is ideal for relaxing with kids.

Morgen-2 at times less comfortable, it can even be called wild. Almost all holidaymakers on this part of the beach are located directly on their towels, not renting out specialized equipment. On the beach there is a couple cafes.



Morgen beach, MontenegroThe total length of the beach coast is only 340 m. 140 m are reserved for Morgen-1, the remaining 200 m are for Morgen-2. Both sections of the beach are incredibly popular in the high season, not only among tourists, but also among the locals.

The nature surrounding Morgen is admirable. Both bays are formed by majestic rocks. Their upper parts are buried in a century of greenery, and along the beach grows a whole string of pine trees. Morgen is surrounded by high mountains. From its shores can be seen Old Budva and the island of St. Nicholas - the two main attractions of the resort.

The beach at the Morgen beach is specific, it can not be called sandy or pebble. The coast is dominated by something in between fine pebbles and coarse sand. This is liked by children who build sandcastles here and sort out small pebbles.

The beach has clean water and good visibility, which gives excellent opportunities for diving with a mask. Between the rocks you can see sea urchins and crabs, which indicates the exceptional purity of the sea. The water in this part of the coast has a rich emerald shade.



Both sections of the Morgen beach are considered private, so you have to pay for the entrance to them. The fee of 2 euro starts to be taken from the beginning of June until the end of August. If you are vacationing in Budva in May or September, then you can safely pass to Morgen for free, enjoying the peace and tranquility of this place.

Rent of sun loungers and umbrellas is paid separately. On average, for the inventory you have to pay 12-15 € per day. Leaving the beach for lunch or another break, it is enough to hang a towel on your lounger or umbrella. So other vacationers and the administration will understand that he is already busy.


Infrastructure and entertainment

Guests of Morgen beach can use the massage service in a special room. Along the shore there are shops with beach paraphernalia and inventory, next to them are cafes and restaurants. Prices for food here are much higher than in less touristy places in Budva.

Morgen's beach will appeal to fans of adrenaline. Anyone who wants to ride on it can ride a scooter or hydrocycle, climb over the water on a paraseil or just sail. Vacationers are also provided with recreational catamarans.

Morgen beach, Montenegro