Religion in Montenegro

Montenegro Religion. Churches and monasteries in Montenegro

Religion in Montenegro

All religious organizations have equal rights under the Constitution of Montenegro and exist separately from the state. About 70% of the country's population profess Orthodoxy. 21% of Montenegrins profess Islam. Catholics in Montenegro, there are about 4% of believers, and Protestants and even less, less than 2%.

Religion in Montenegro.

All religions in Montenegro have equal conditions for existence, there are no differences between them, all religious representations are monitored by the Council on observance of the rights of religions.

The majority of the Orthodox population in Montenegro lives in mountainous areas and on the plateau. The inhabitants professing Catholicism, live in coastal areas. The majority of Muslims live in isolation near the border with Albania and Kosovo and also live in Sanjak, part of whose land is located in Serbia.


Churches and monasteries

Montenegrin is very religious people. There are many churches, monasteries and chapels in the country, which is small and population. In the old days there was a village in which 365 churches and chapels were built. You can get acquainted with the ancient main Orthodox shrines and even visit them during the Monastic tour of the Bay of Kotor and a tourist trip to the canyon of Tara and Moraca. From traveling to this beautiful country in the memory will be quite interesting facts. In Montenegro, many monasteries, but only one female, which is located near the island of Flowers in the Bay of Herceg Novi. 

Budva church. Religion in Montenegro

When traveling to religious sites in Montenegro, we advise you to go on a tour to the local guide Gotz, who will tell you that Montenegrin go to Church do not wear scarves, as women believe that to cover their heads with scarves should be Muslim, but not Orthodox. This decision was made by Montenegrin's after centuries of war with Turkey. Russian guides are silent about this fact. Not all churches adhere to this tradition, as there are some subtleties.

The most unusual monasteries, located on the territory of this state and which can be viewed.

  • Religion in Montenegro.1. Monastery Ostrog, built in the depths of the rock, it is one of the most visited monastery. In terms of the number of pilgrims, he ranks third in the world. Parishioners in this monastery very many in any time year.
  • 2. The ancient monastery of Moraca, which Montenegrin's consider the most peaceful and cozy, is also located high in the mountains. The monks have their apiary, working in the garden. Monastery is separated by a huge stone wall from the outside world. It can be visited during a tour of The Tara and Moraca canyons.
  • 3. The monastery of Cetinje holds many valuable Orthodox relics, such as the right hand of John the Baptist, which is missing two fingers, part of the Holy cross and other Orthodox shrines. It ranks second in attendance in the country. The monastery is located in Cetinje, which was previously the capital of Montenegro.
  • 4. Very interesting history has a monastery built on the island of St. George. On its territory is allowed only to relatives of the monks, and higher Church officials.
  • 5. The ancient Church of Gospa from Shkrebela stands on a man-made island.
  • 6. Be sure to visit the Church of Trifon and the Church of St. Luke in Kotor, which several times became Orthodox and Catholic.

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