Montenegro safety

Montenegro safety. Is it dangerous to rest in Montenegro?

Montenegro safety

Is it dangerous to rest in Montenegro? I would like to know how this Balkan country are tourists in General? Let's consider what dangers await tourists in Montenegro. And how to plan your vacation in this country so that it becomes as safe as possible.



First, we will focus on the issue of crime and security in the mountain country. In fact, the situation in Montenegro is very calm. Many locals do not even close the door in the house and in the car. When you do this, your valuables will be in plain sight, but no they will not. But this is of course in winter, but in the summer it is better to still observe the necessary safety measures.

Tourists on the street can feel quite free, as crime is at a low level. But you need to be very careful in the busy tourist areas and when driving in buses, there are sometimes pickpocket thieves.

There are no armed robberies in Montenegro.

Crime in Montenegro 


Precautionary measures

  • 1 In Montenegro, as in any other resort country, it is necessary to take additional precautions if you leave an expensive car in the Parking lot or in a crowded place. Put your things in the trunk, or in a place where they will not be visible.
  • 2. Leaving your room in the hotel do not leave the Windows open, ask the administration how best to protect themselves. Closing the door, you can not worry about their belongings, no one in the room will not break. An unwanted guest can enter your room if you leave the window open. Mostly in open Windows it gets teenagers. Montenegrin are not engaged in theft, as they do not need to do it.

In Montenegro, even Roman do not make sense to steal, they make good money on garbage disposal and toilets.

Montenegrin honest people will always come to your aid. If you forget your things in the Mall or umbrella, or a package of products, no one will take them, everything will remain in its place, where you forget them. On the beach, watch out for the left things, a lot of people, and you may not notice anything.

The attitude of locals towards tourists is very good, some exceptions are teenagers. To avoid unwanted conflict with them, try not to pay attention to their provocations, stay calm if you see that they laugh at you. Do not respond to their comments and do not try to offend them.

In comparison, with other European countries, the streets of Montenegrin cities are recognized as safe in the dark. But we still recommend you to walk down main street and to stay in the dark corners.

Montenegro Safety 

Women in Montenegrin resorts can feel completely safe, but they can still face unwanted attention from men in clubs and bars. Women are not harassed in the streets. On the beaches all bathe in modern swimwear. But it is worth remembering that in this country there are many Muslim areas where too open outfits are not welcome.

All tourists are required to carry a passport as identification, but as a rule it with vacationers do not carry. Copies of your passport or other documents can help you quickly obtain a travel document if you steal or lose your passport.


The rest is a small inconvenience

Safety on the beachJellyfish is very rare to find in the sea waters of Montenegro, but it is not strange they can accidentally stumble upon. Jellyfish in Montenegro are not dangerous, as their relatives in Southeast Asia or off the Australian coast. In contact with the jellyfish you can get a light burn, which within a few hours will disappear without leaving a trace. So they should not cause you fear and anxiety.

Mosquitoes in this country are not dangerous, as they are not carriers of any diseases. But they can be a nuisance. Do not give you any pleasure sitting in the evening in a restaurant, bar or cafe all the time to brush away from annoying mosquitoes. So we advise you to buy repellents in the pharmacy or in the store.