Restaurant "Drago"

Restaurant "Drago" in Montenegro


"Drago" is a trendy Montenegrin restaurant, which has a lot of rave reviews from tourists in its piggy bank. Almost everyone who visited it appreciated the cuisine, the service and the atmosphere reigning in this place.


Location and mode of operation

Restaurant "Drago" is located in the heart of the popular Montenegrin resort Sveti Stefan. The establishment is part of the four-star hotel Apartments and Rooms Drago.

 Restaurant Drago in Montenegro

The restaurant is not located in the most accessible place of the town, and therefore it is not quite convenient to get to the beach on foot. Drago does not have its own parking lot for cars, but next to it you can always find a parking area. Most often it is necessary to pay for it.

The restaurant opens at 8:00. On working days the institution operates until midnight, on weekends and holidays its doors are open for visitors until one in the morning.



The restaurant Drago was founded in the distant 1967. Already a few years after the opening, the establishment became a central place for meetings among the local population and guests of the resort town of Sveti Stefan.

To date, the restaurant "Drago" has more than 50 years of experience in cooking and serving guests. The only owners of the establishment are members of the Raenovich family, who have an exceptionally positive reputation. Drago positions itself as a family restaurant of a four-star category.



Restaurant Drago specializes in cooking continental and Montenegrin cuisine. A huge part of the menu is occupied by foods that are cooked on the grill: meat, fish, some seafood. Meat from under the sauce - a special dish of the institution.

In "Drago" you can try original aperitifs, enjoy delicate salads and taste delicacies of Italian cuisine like pasta and pizza. Vegetarian dishes are served in the restaurant in large quantities. For young guests, special children's positions have been developed.

Desserts in Drago deserve special attention. Chefs skillfully prepare pancakes with stuffing, pies with apples, cherries and nuts, fruit salads and split. Traditional Montenegrin baklava is one of the hits of the restaurant.

Menu of restaurant Drago

The institution has a Russian-language menu. It indicates the composition and features of the dish. For meat, for example, you can rely on a side dish: fried potatoes, baked vegetables, etc.

As in most Montenegrin restaurants, it is customary to serve large portions in Drago. One dish is enough for a company of two or even three people. To each hot dish is served a bread plate. Many visitors complain that after it is included in the bill.

In addition to the main menu in the restaurant there is a wine list with a huge selection of alcoholic drinks of different varieties and aging. The cocktail card includes all other drinks that are served to guests: juices, coffee, soda, etc.

Serving dishes in the restaurant Drago is admirable. The dishes always look fresh and appetizing, and the snacks are served in a neatly cut form.


Interior and Services

The main hall of the Drago restaurant is made in the typical hunting style for Montenegro. The open terrace, where there are always plenty of visitors, is covered with grapes and completely hidden from the scorching sun. It offers a beautiful view of the sea and the city-hotel Sveti Stefan.

To dine on a cozy terrace, and not in an indoor hall, it is better to book a table in advance. This applies not only to the guests of the restaurant, but also to the hotel guests. If you stay at the Apartments and Rooms Drago, meals can be ordered directly to your room.

Interior of restaurant Drago

The staff of the Drago restaurant speaks Russian. Despite the constant workload of the institution, visitors in it are served quickly and efficiently. Guests are pleased with the smiling and attentive attitude of the waiters.

In the main hall of the restaurant there is a playground for young visitors. Cats live on the terrace, with which you can play.

The Drago restaurant, located in a quiet and peaceful area, often becomes a place for business meetings. Weddings and other celebrations in it are not arranged.