The best beaches of Montenegro

The best beaches of Montenegro: features, description and prices

The best beaches of Montenegro

Tourists from all over the world come to Montenegro for its famous resorts. On the coast of this country there are more than 110 beach areas, adapted to proper rest. From our article you will learn about the best beaches of Montenegro , worthy of a visit.

The best beaches of Montenegro

Features of Montenegrin beaches


In Montenegro, there are no such private beaches. Some land plots are leased to owners of hotels, cafes and restaurants. Entrance to these beaches is open to all comers, but for renting a sunbed and an umbrella you have to pay about 7 €.


The cleanest beach in Montenegro is difficult to distinguish, because almost all of them are carefully removed. In the leased areas, cleaning is carried out twice a day - these are government regulations.

Budva beaches in Montenegro

When in Montenegro, the season for a beach holiday


The beach season in Montenegro begins with the arrival of the first days of May. You can swim in the sea until the end of September. In some areas, the water remains warm until the last week of October.


Beach holidays in Montenegro are best planned for June or September. At this time, the country is set to the optimum air temperature. In July and August, the beaches of Montenegro are usually too hot and crowded.

Budva beaches in Montenegro

Budva beaches in Montenegro


Budva beaches are always mentioned in the ratings of the best beaches in Montenegro . Not far from the Old Town, where the main attractions of the resort are concentrated, Mogren is located - the famous pebble beach.


Mogren Beach in Budva is divided into two parts by rock. Between them continued comfortable wooden bridge. One part of the beach is considered wild, while the second is equipped with all modern amenities.


Slavic beach in Budva stretches for 1600 m and is considered the longest in the resort. Most of it is covered with small pebbles, but sandy areas are found somewhere. The entrance to the sea is shallow.


Jaz Beach in Budva is located outside the city limits, 3 km from the city. Despite this, it is beautifully furnished. In places, the coast is rocky, in some areas there is a small pebble, somewhere lies golden sand. The coastline is wide and spacious.


Hawaii Beach in Budva is not located on the resort itself, but on the adjacent island of Sveti Stefan. To get to the beach area, you will have to rent a boat or buy a ticket for a catamaran. The beach offers a wonderful view of the azure sea and the immediate surroundings. Its only minus is a large pebble, which is littered with the entire shore and the entrance to the water.


From Budva you can easily reach the main beach Becici, which is as much as 2 km. Its zones differ from each other in terms of comfort, but there are no fences between them. The main beach of Becici in Montenegro is equipped with an inflatable water park and therefore is popular with children.

The beaches of Ulcinj in Montenegro The beaches of Ulcinj in Montenegro


The entrance to the Women's Beach Ulcinj is closed for men. The fair sex pays for it 1.5 €. On the beach beats hydrogen sulfide source, which is considered therapeutic. It has a beneficial effect on the female body, especially on reproductive functions.


The great beach Ulcinj in Montenegro is famous for its size even outside the country. The coastline is an impressive 14 km. For volcanic sand it is called the black beach Ulcinj .


In the high season, its coast becomes muddy, and the water becomes muddy. But the great beach Ulcinj is great for outdoor activities: volleyball, tennis, kiting, windsurfing and surfing.


The main nudist beach Ulcinj is called Ada Bojana. It is located 25 km from the city and is not very popular among tourists. This explains its intactness. The air and the water here is incredibly clean.


The nudist beach of Ada Bojana in Montenegro is interesting because there are small wooden houses on its territory. Locals catch fish straight from their homes. If desired, a house near the water can be rented.

Beaches of Kotor

The beaches of Kotor in Montenegro with reviews


The beaches in Kotor in Montenegro are mostly short (up to 1 km) and narrow (up to 15 m). You can get on them either from the pier or from the pontoon. The main difference between the two is the level of proximity to attractions and infrastructure features.


Among the best beaches of Kotor, with positive reviews, is Morinj. It is located near the city highway. Along the coastline lined up unusual cafes and restaurants, which are located directly in the old mills.


Among the beaches of Montenegro for families with children can not distinguish Baeva Kula. It covers a tiny area and is visited mainly by locals. Reviews say that the sea is the purest water, and the air is saturated with the smell of laurel trees.

Royal Petrovac beach

Other good beaches of Montenegro with a photo


The royal beach of Petrovac is closed by inaccessible cliffs and dense forest. You can reach it only by water transport from the resort of Bar or the village of Chan. This beach has been assigned the Blue Flag - the guarantor of its cleanliness and livability.


In the category of the best beaches in Montenegro for relaxation is Plavi Horizonti. It is located in the Tivat municipality, near the village of Radovici. The beach occupies the territory of a picturesque bay surrounded by a forest zone. The depth in the bay is small, and the water is clean. This is the perfect option to visit with children.


In the rating of the beaches of Montenegro Zanitsa invariably falls. This beach area is located near Herceg Novi, in a bay protected from winds and waves. From the beach you can clearly see the scenery of the surrounding nature and the ancient fortress of the island of Mamula. The bottom is clean and clear, and the water is cooler than on other beaches.