Mozart Restaurant

Mozart Restaurant in Montenegro

Mozart Restaurant

"Mozart" occupies an important place among the restaurants of Budva. It is noteworthy that it is known and loved not only by tourists, but also by the Montenegrins themselves. This institution is famous for its impeccable cuisine, an abundance of positions in the menu, quality service and a pleasant interior.



Mozart Restaurant, which received its name in honor of the great composer, is located in the Old Town of Budva. The address of the institution is as follows: Stari Grad, Njegoseva 1.

 Restaurant location Mozart

The establishment is easy to find: it is located right at the entrance to the old part of the resort. Next to the restaurant is the hotel "Avala", which can act as a landmark.


History and modernity

Mozart Restaurant began to receive visitors in 1991. Surprisingly, he managed to win the love of local residents immediately after the discovery. In "Mozart" prepared the best sweets in the city, so for a long time it was considered a confectionery restaurant.

Now the owners of the restaurant call it a bar-restaurant, where you can not only eat well, but also taste the best Montenegrin wines and other types of high-quality alcoholic products.

Restaurant Mozart was awarded the prestigious industry award SGS. It shows that the dishes in it are prepared from environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health products.



Restaurant Mozart specializes in cooking dishes of two varieties: Montenegrin and European cuisine. Juicy meat dishes on the menu coexist with typical dishes for Europeans like scrambled eggs, soups, stews, etc. The menu of the institution consists of more than one hundred positions. At the same time, it is constantly expanding.

The restaurant offers a variety of fish dishes. Some of them are prepared from river fish, others from the sea, others from fresh seafood. Traditional for Montenegro salads from several kinds of fish are well-deserved popularity.

The menu of the restaurant presents about 15 varieties of Italian pizza. Among them there is a pizza with fresh seafood, fervently loved by the locals. Pasta with several types of sauces are also in great demand.

Menu of the Mozart Restaurant in Montenegro

Sweets are something for which many people come for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Mozart, and not at any other restaurant. In the morning, fresh pancakes with cream, chocolate or jam stuffing are served here. After evening walks, the resort guests drink hot drinks and enjoy air cakes.

The restaurant's specialty is the French "Krem-pita" - an analogue of the domestic "Napoleon". This dessert is served along with the cherry. Visitors to the restaurant celebrate a large portion size, fresh ingredients and impeccable cooking.

For sweets, Mozart restaurant mainly serves coffee. This drink is presented here in 20 different types. Instead of coffee in the restaurant bar you can order a non-alcoholic cocktail for every taste, fresh juice or a carbonated drink.


Interior and visit

Bar-restaurant "Mozart"Bar-restaurant "Mozart" is decorated in an unusual style of art deco. Guests of the institution enter it through an arch on which the image of a composer recognizable by all flaunts.

Visitors are located on a cozy veranda with an unusual design. It is completely protected from the sun by canopies. In the evenings, the veranda becomes fresh and cool.

On rainy and cold days, guests of the restaurant are dining in a well-furnished indoor area. To guarantee lunch or dinner in the "Mozart", the table is better booked.

The restaurant often hosts cocktail parties. Guests of the restaurant are treated with branded sweets and entertained with live music. Sometimes this bar-restaurant is chosen as a place for presentations and business meetings.

Chefs at the Mozart restaurant develop special menus for the holidays and prepare to order. Dishes can be taken out. Sometimes in an institution celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and other solemn events.