Aquapark in Budva

Aquapark in Budva, Montenegro: entertainment, schedule, tariffs, location

Aquapark in Budva

Montenegro is a paradise for lovers of beach holidays surrounded by picturesque nature. However, in this country there is not only a lot of comfortable beaches, but also a huge modern water park, which is definitely worth a visit. Below we will describe it in more detail.


Aquapark Budva

The largest Montenegrin water park is in Budva. It was opened in the summer of 2016. The water park is located on Mount Toplis, which offers a beautiful view of the sea coast. The territory of this entertainment complex covers an area of ​​41,800 m². The water park in Budva is able to accommodate up to 6000 vacationers.


Slides for adults

Aquapark for adults in BudvaIn Aquapark Budva there are 7 water slides, designed for adult visitors. They differ from each other in height, length, speed and, of course, the sensations that vacationers receive during the descent.

The speed of descent on the hill "Kamikaze" reaches 80 km / h - to test this on themselves are not all solved. The height of the highest waterpark hill is 26 m, length - 145 m. One hill provides a descent to the pool along a steep edge. Some slides are made in the form of closed pipes, some more suitable for mass descents together with friends.


Children's entertainment

In the water park of Budva there are 53 children's attractions - the kids here just do not get bored! Some slides are suitable for very young visitors, others like already grown up children.

Many children's slides in the water park have the same design as the attractions for adults. Differences are only in size and speed of descent. The longest water slide of the water park is 57 m long and 6.5 m high. Children's safety is not threatened.


Additional amenities for visitors

In the breaks between water activities, vacationers can gain strength in the restaurant, refresh themselves in the buffet or drink a soft drink in the bar. Institutions working in the water park area offer visitors a varied menu: salads, pastries, hot snacks, children's dishes, etc.

On the territory of the water park of Budva there is a free car parking. For security purposes, there is a medical office. The water park is constantly guarded. It also houses a couple of shops and a photobucket.



The water park starts its work on May 1 and finishes receiving visitors on September 30. Every day it opens at 10:00 and closes at 20:00. It is important to note that sometimes in the water park technical works are carried out, because of which some slides are temporarily closed.

 Aquapark in Budva for children and adults

Ticket prices

In 2018 in the water park of Budva the following rates for a full day of rest are valid:

  • From 1.06 to 30.06: 22 euros for an adult and 17 euros for a child growing from 100 to 130 cm;
  • From 1.07 to 31.08: 24 euros for an adult and 18 euros for a child growing from 100 to 130 cm;
  • From 1.09 to 30.09: 16 euros for an adult and 17 euros for a child growing from 100 to 130 cm.

Children up to 100 cm tall go to the water park for free. Persons with disabilities who provide the staff with the relevant document do not pay an entrance ticket.

The ticket price includes:

  • swimming pools;
  • hills;
  • attractions;
  • sun loungers;
  • umbrellas.

For access to Wi-Fi you need to pay 1 euro. For the loss of the bracelet, the rest is charged a fine of 5 euros.

Tickets are purchased at the box office. Despite the fact that the water park has its own website (, tickets are not temporarily sold online.


How to get there

The water park is in the area of ​​Old Budva. His coordinates for a trip: Topliski Put, 42.293110 18.821188.

From the coast of Budva to the water park, a bus with a logo runs along which it can be easily recognized. The fare is 1 euro. The bus takes passengers once an hour on the following timetable.

 Aquapark in Budva

A car ride from the city center to the destination takes about 7 minutes. The fare for a taxi from anywhere in Budva starts from 3 euros. If you live outside of Budva, do not despair, because you can also book a taxi.



If you doubt whether it is worth going to the Aquapark of Montenegro, trust the opinion of those who have already visited it. Almost all the reviews about this entertainment complex are written in a positive way. Holidaymakers received a lot of bright emotions from visiting the water park, and many are going to return to it again.