What business to open in Montenegro without investments

What business to open in Montenegro without investments? Trends for 2018

What business to open in Montenegro without investments

Own business in Montenegro, as a way of immigration to Montenegro


It's no secret that the easiest and most widely used method of immigration to Montenegro is the opening of your own company. Most of the firms open by immigrants exist only on paper. Visitors regularly pay a minimum tax and a salary to the Montenegrin accountant, which allows them to legally live in the country.

 However, since you will still open a company, you can also consider real ideas for business. Many newcomers have no significant capital, and they earn a living, for example, by freelancing. There are excellent options for their own business and without special investment. It can be anything related to nutrition.

Home cooking business There is a very high percentage of Russian immigrants in the country who miss the usual food: borscht, dumplings, olivier salad, dumplings, chebureks. The same dumplings in Montenegrin shops simply can not be found, and if they appear there, the price for a pack will be prohibitive. The production of Russian cuisine can also be organized at home. The first customers will be through advertising on Facebook or in other social networks. Montenegro is a small country. Its total population is about 600 thousand people. Therefore, word of mouth over time will help you to earn a decent clientele, and then you can open your restaurant. Efficiency and profitability of your business will increase if you arrange delivery by courier even in the initial period of home cooking.

 The purchase of ready-made meals is in great demand in Montenegro. This may well become your family business, and at first you will cope only with the strength of family members. It is not necessary to be limited exclusively to Russian cuisine. Today, for example, demand for sushi, rolls and other dishes from the typical oriental menu. A good option is to specialize in Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Jewish cuisines. Even in small Montenegro, there are likely to be vegans, vegetarians and raw food. You can cook for them, especially as competition here will be low. Over time, you will find several regular customers and will have a steady income with them.