Restaurant "Balkan"

Restaurant "Balkan" in Montenegro


Balkan is one of the most popular restaurants in the city of Petrovac, which differs from other establishments in its coziness and color.


Location and time of work

Restaurant Balkan is located near the Petrovac waterfront. It is convenient to go in after a trip to the beach or during an evening walk.

The institution is in a small side street, which leads directly to the waterfront. A guide for his search can be a supermarket Voli, which is adjacent to the restaurant.

Where is the Balkan restaurant in Montenegro

Due to the good location and delicious cuisine in the "Balkans" there are almost always a lot of people. A table for an evening in the summer months is better to book in advance.

The institution opens at 8 am and meets guests until midnight. If visitors remain at night by the tables, the restaurant's working hours are extended.



The institution specializes in cooking dishes of Balkan cuisine, which you can easily guess by its name. The restaurant is able to satisfy the gastronomic needs of any gourmet.

A huge part of the menu is occupied by meat and fish dishes, which are classic Montenegrin dishes. Some positions in the menu are a mixture of several cuisines, for example, European and Asian. Fresh desserts like cakes, cheesecakes and ice cream are available.

A special children's menu is designed for small restaurant visitors. The administration of the institution assures that all meals are prepared exclusively from fresh and environmentally friendly products. The institution is often visited by indigenous Montenegrins, who know a lot about good Mediterranean cuisine.

The menu of the restaurant "Balkan" is not only varied, but also qualitatively illustrated. In it there are real photos of each of the dishes. There are drinks in the menu: hot, cold, alcoholic, nonalcoholic.

Balkan Restaurant in Montenegro 



The main hall of the restaurant "Balkan" is decorated in a traditional style for Montenegro. There are sea elements in it. The same can be said about the covered veranda of the institution, where it is especially pleasant to spend time in the evening.

The territory of the institution has a fully equipped children's playground, where young visitors are always frolicking. It has slides and swings. The presence of a children's area is a rarity for the Montenegrin restaurant and an additional advantage of the institution.

Tourists who visit Balkan are often interested in an unusual oven, which can be seen directly from the main hall.

It is laid out in accordance with the old rules. Any guest can watch the process of cooking dishes on the grill or coals. This is especially popular with children.

The courteous and attentive staff of the Balkan restaurant speaks Russian, English and German. Visitors can enjoy free wireless internet and cable TV. Cash and bank cards are accepted for payment.

Musicians are a special pride of the Balkan restaurant. Live music here sounds from the second half of the day until nightfall. Some visitors come to the institution only in order to enjoy the wonderful singing and skillful playing of musical instruments.

If you walk around the restaurant "Balkan" in the evening, do not be surprised to see a huge crowd next to the entrance. When there are no free tables left in the institution, some tourists and Montenegrins listen to music straight from the street. Performers regularly take breaks, and then continue to please visitors.

Reviews about the Balkan restaurant 



Most of the reviews about the Balkan restaurant are written in a positive way. Visitors especially like large portions, freshness and aroma of food, beautiful serving, and reasonable prices. A convenient location is a significant advantage of the establishment.

The authors of some negative reviews, on the contrary, complain about poorly cooked meals and stale foods. At the same time they note the special atmosphere of the restaurant "Balkan", which is worth it to visit it at least once.