The port city of Risan in Montenegro


Risan is a port city in Montenegro, which is rarely found in guidebooks around the country. It reigns in peace and comfort, typical of most small settlements. Here come for a quiet rest and healing in the bosom of nature.


Location Risan

Risan is in the north-west of Montenegro, in the Boko-Kotor Bay. Next to it stands Mount Orien, a few km away is the famous resort of Perast. Risan is located at a distance of 25 km from Kotor. From the airport of the city of Tivat it is separated by 27 km.

 Location of Risan city in Montenegro


Description Risan

The city stands on the shore of the Risan Bay - one of the most picturesque and yet unpopular in Montenegro. It borders on the narrowest section of the Verige Strait, which opens access to Kotor Bay.

The small attendance of Risan is explained by the unfavorable climate that reigns here. Directly at the city, on the slope of Orienne, there is a record in Europe rainfall - 5000 mm per year.

Local residents are of the same opinion that the main purpose of a person in life is rest. People living here (there are a little more than 2 thousand) are in no hurry and work little.

Tourists, vacationing in Risan, celebrate the wonderful air that fills this city. Its amazing purity can be explained by the abundance of greenery and the total absence of polluting factories.


Infrastructure Risan

In Risan there is only one hotel, located on the first coastline. Tourists settle either in it, or in local apartments, guest houses or apartments. There are practically no ancient buildings here.

What is located in Risan?

Cafes and restaurants are scattered all over the city. Hospitable owners of establishments often serve the visitors themselves. Fish and seafood, which form the basis of dishes, are caught by local fishermen.

There are only a few shops in Risan. The only in the city network supermarket is located near the museum "Roman mosaics". Food vendors live nearby.

The entire transport infrastructure of the city consists of a bus stop and a small harbor. From it you can quickly get to Tivat.

In Risan a medical center is opened, which specializes in the treatment of orthopedic diseases. Neurosurgical research is also conducted here.

Surprisingly, in the tiny-sized Ryasa there are clubs. In summer, they regularly arranged stormy discos, and therefore this place can be recommended to fans of night fun.


Beaches Risan

In Risan there is only one comfortable beach, which belongs to the local hotel "TEYTA". For the entrance to it you have to pay. The beach is covered with small pebbles and equipped with everything necessary for recreation.

Along the coast you can see several small, loose beaches. Most often they are in the possession of restaurants and cafes located nearby. The municipal beaches of Risan are a mixture of concrete platforms and stony areas.

To enjoy the sun and the sea, you can go 6 km southwest of Risan, in the village of Morin. The local beach with a gently sloping entrance to the water is covered with white sand and small pebbles. Because of the underwater currents, the water in the sea remains cool even in July and August.

Beaches and attractions of Risan 


Sights Risan

The most famous building of the city of Risan is the Marble Castle, not so long ago erected here in antique style. The building stands right by the sea. Inside the castle is decorated with expensive marble, it is decorated with luxurious panels, on the walls you can see the openwork grilles, on the ceiling hang skillfully made lamps.

If desired, tourists can rent a room in the Marble Castle. The total number of apartments is 8, and therefore it is worth thinking about booking in advance. The rooms are well decorated and fully furnished. The ground floor of the building is allocated for parking. Residents of the castle use it for free.

Roman courtyards are the second most important sight of Risan. It is a complex of 8 picturesque buildings located right at the Adriatic coast. The complex harmoniously combines the architectural traditions of the Middle Ages and modern design solutions.

On the shores of the Risan Bay are the ruins of an ancient villa, once owned by a wealthy settler. On the floor of the villa you can see a mosaic depicting the god of Hypnos, the remains of ancient murals remain on the walls. Nearby is the birthplace of Ivelichi, where the famous Russian Count, who was born in Montenegro, lived.

Believers will be interested to visit the monastery Banja, which is located in the vicinity of Risan. It was built in the XV century, but it still works. The monastery is female, nuns live in it.