Interesting facts about Montenegro

Interesting facts about Montenegro

Interesting facts about Montenegro

Facts about Montenegro

Montenegro is a unique country in all respects. To its attractions are applicable adjectives “most”. We will talk about the interesting facts of this country, which make it special and unforgettable.

1. Montenegrin's consider themselves slow and lazy people. They often cite their “10 rules of Montenegrin”, confirming this fact.

2. In Montenegro, the official money is the Euro, but introduced them without the consent and knowledge of the European Central Bank.

3. In football club “Manchester United” the first foreigner was allowed Montenegrin player Nikolai Jovanovic.

4. People with different academic degrees are highly respected in this country and higher education is highly valued.

Facts about Montenegro

6. Sixtus V (1520 ― 1590) is recognized as one of the most respected popes of the Vatican, who was born in the village of Krusevice located in the Kotor Bay.

7. On the territory of such a beautiful and such a small country there are 59 monasteries.

8. Montenegro is the only country in the world where there are two altar churches, where both Orthodox and Catholic services are held simultaneously. Such churches in our time are on the territory of Sutomore.

9. The monastery Cetinje kept two main Orthodox Holy relics, part of the life-giving cross on which Jesus was crucified and the right hand of John the Baptist.

10. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which has the highest bell tower on the Balkan Peninsula, with a height of 55 meters, is built in the city of Parast.

11. 365 churches were built in the town of Svats, located on the shore of the colorful Shatsky lake.

 Shatsky lake

12. Orthodox Ostrog monastery is a Holy place where we come to pray not only Orthodox Christians, but the followers of the Catholic religion and even Muslims.

13. The highest in the Balkans is the Church of St. Ilya, located near the town of Njivice.

14. The Montenegrin city of Kotor is fully included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. Also in this city is the narrowest street in all of Montenegro. The street is called “Allow passing”, it is difficult to pass at once two.

15. In the city of Podgorica is the shortest street, the length of which is about 30 meters and there is only one house.

16. On the island of Ada Bojana built a separate nudist complex, which is considered the largest nudist beach in Europe. The only one in Europe is the island-hotel. It is forbidden to change the facade of the building and so it looks like three hundred years ago.

17. The fourth part of Montenegro is occupied by natural parks and reserves. The Biogradska Gora nature reserve is home to virgin forests, which are so few in Europe.

Biogradska Gora

18. River Bojana in some places flows below sea level and when the strong wind rises, the water from the sea falls back into the river. Montenegrin's call it the only river on the planet that can flow in two directions.

19. On the territory of the resort town of Bar, located on the Adriatic coast, growing olive tree, whose age is more than two thousand years. Tree and in our time bears fruit. In the same city there are about 270 Sunny days a year. Bar is recognized as the sunniest city in Europe.

20. And in the village of Crkvice, which is located on the mountain of Orien is happening on the contrary, this place is recognized as the rain, on average, precipitation is up to five meters per square meter.

21. The canyon of the river Tara, the deepest in all of Europe, the depth is about 1,300 meters. The water in the Tara river is considered so pure that it is drunk without any purification.

22. Beaches in Montenegro are recognized as the best in Europe, they are constantly awarded “Blue flag” for the most well-groomed and comfortable places to stay.