What to see in Montenegro

What to see in Montenegro

What to see in Montenegro

Going on a trip, it is worth to plan in advance what to see in Montenegro.

Kotor Bay

The starting point is the city of Kotor and the picturesque Kotor Bay. The settlement dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, and today it is one of the most important resorts of the country. The architecture of the Middle Ages and the amazing nature were awarded a place on the UNESCO list.


Kotor is located at the foot of the Lovcen mountain, which is a national park. The area is replete with architectural landmarks. From the top there is a wonderful view of Cetinje - another city located on the opposite side of the mountain Lovcen. Of course, this is one of those places that are worth seeing in Montenegro necessarily!

Lovcen in Montenegro

The Budva Riviera

It unites at once two cities - Budva and Petrovets. 35 Budva beaches offer paradise holidays throughout the season. But here they come not only to bask in the sun. Here you will be greeted by an ancient fortress, the ruins of the 5th century Basilica, unique artifacts of history, memorials of medieval architecture.

Petrovac is located in the south, surrounded by pine forests and olive groves. Sandy beaches, a Venetian fortress, ancient churches - the sights of Montenegro, which are worth seeing.

Skadar Lake

The road to the town of Virpazar runs along the ridge, and the settlement itself is located on the shore of Lake Skadar - the largest on all the Balkans. Here you can observe flocks of pelicans and other exotic birds, admire the panoramas of mountains, fortresses and monasteries that lie on the shore.

Skadarsk Lake in Montenegro

Monastery Ostrog

Carved into a rock at an altitude of about 900 m above sea level, the monastery dates from the 17th century. This is the greatest shrine and pride of the country, the center of pilgrimage. You can go to here through the city of Podgorica, diluting the route with new impressions.

Durmitor National Park

It covers a vast territory and includes 18 glacial lakes. One of the popular places of visit is Lake Tsrno-Ezero, located at an altitude of 1416 m. There are many places that can be seen in Montenegro both in summer and in winter.

The pride of the park is the canyon of the Tara River. This is the world's greatest natural landmark of its kind after the Grand Canyon. Its length is 82 km. The depth of the gorge is 1300 m, and the river bed is filled with steep rapids and magnificent waterfalls.

Durmitor Naional Park in Montenegro

Biogradska Gora

On the way to the town of Kolasin there is the oldest national park - Biogradska Gora, known for thousands of years old trees. Tourists are waiting for the picturesque panoramas of Biogradsky Lake, waterfalls and rivers. This is the place for those who are looking for what to see in Montenegro in the winter.

Not far from the town of Kolasin there is Djurdjevic's bridge, 106 m high, which until 2004 was the highest automobile bridge in Europe.