Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Montenegro



Like all tourists, we try to save on movement during the rest. How best to get from the airport to the hotel or the villa? The way of moving largely depends not on the thickness of the purse, but on the number of vacationers. So for a family of two people who like active recreation it is more reasonable to take a car directly at the airport for rent, through any of the rental agencies.


But for a large family or company, who immediately want to stay in the hotel from the airport and do not hurry up with further transportation, a separate transfer on the minivan will do. Both can be easily found with the help of the search form of the located low. It is worth noting that the Montenegrins are quite economical and prefer to stand in traffic with the air conditioning turned off :)))


We use a special form to order a transsphere for Montenegro. There are options from thrifty to premium (mercedes) 


Бронирование трансферов, 728*90


Recall that in Montenegro, the two main airports. In Podgorica and Tivat

Airport in Tivat in Montenegro



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