Dobra Voda

Resort Dobra Voda

Dobra Voda

Dobra Voda is a small village that is famous for its excellent conditions for a relaxing holiday away from busy resorts and busy beaches.


Location Dobra Voda

The village of Dobra Voda is located in the Bar area, in the southern part of Montenegro. It can be seen heading to the resort of Ulcinj. From both towns to the village regularly goes public transport.

The resort of Montenegro Dobra Voda is located 69 km away from Kotor. From Podgorica, it is separated by 59 km along the highway. On average, the journey from the airport to the village takes 1-1.5 hours.

 Where is Dobra Water


Climate Dobra Voda

272 days a year the sun shines brightly in the village. In the summer there is almost no precipitation, sometimes it rains in winter. The warmest month is August. During the summer, the temperature of the sea in the resort of Dobra Voda is around 23 ° C. The swimming season starts in May and lasts until mid-October.


Beaches Dobra Voda

Dobra Voda is a small village, and it is possible to get from any of its points to the beach in just 10 minutes. This is not the most visited resort of the country, which has a positive effect on the purity of its waters and coastal zones.

The only drawback is that much of the resort rises above the motorway. Some beach areas need to go down steep roads. It is not very convenient for tourists with young children.

On the southern outskirts of the resort stretches the beach of the Great Playac. It stretches for 298 m along the coast. On the surface small pebbles predominate, in places there are sandy areas.

The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers. For the convenience of the guests, toilet cabins, showers and changing rooms are installed on its territory.

From the shore, yachts are regularly sent to collect holidaymakers for sea walks. In the evening on the beach you can sit in the bar and enjoy live music.

A little to the north is a wild beach called Little Playac. It is covered with stones and strewn with pebbles in places. Like the Great Playac, this beach is considered a protected protected area. He has a gentle descent into the sea and crystal clear water.

Beaches of the resort Dobra Voda

5 km from the village is a wonderful beach Uteha. Before it you need to get to the chassis. Between the road and the beach stretches a beautiful olive grove, filled with the wonderful smell of fragrant trees.

Joy is considered to be one of the best beaches on the entire Barskaya Riviera. It was marked with the "Blue Flag" - an international award that attests to its cleanliness, well-being, well-being and security.

The beach of Uteha stretches for 800 m along the coast. Its entire surface is covered with fine pebbles of white color. A distinctive feature of the beach was a huge number of springs with fresh crystal water. They all fall into the sea. From the shore you can see how the waters shimmer and sparkle in the light.


Wellness Dobra Voda

The village is surrounded on all sides by vegetation: olive trees, century-old oaks, exotic flowers. The air in the resort of Dobra Voda is saturated with mountain flavors, essential oils and microparticles of sea water.

All this has a positive effect on asthmatics, who often come here to improve their health. Rest at the resort is shown to people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract and skin.


Leisure Dobra Voda

Leisure in Dobra VodaIn the village of Dobra Voda there is a spacious viewing platform located between two tunnels. It offers a wonderful view of the sea and the coastal zone. Nearby there is a parking for cars.

The local embankment is excellent for afternoon and evening walks. Many souvenir shops and shops with attributes for beach holidays are open on its territory.

Numerous cafes and restaurants are located on the waterfront. With the arrival of summer, night clubs open here, where young people often gather.

Almost everyone who has a rest at the resort of Dobra Voda, tries local wine and fish, which is sold directly off the coast. On it you can watch the work of local fishermen.