Driving rules in Montenegro

Are the rules of driving in Montenegro different?

Driving rules in Montenegro

Today, independent auto trips to Montenegro have become very popular. And it is not strange, because the country trips do not pose any difficulties. The distances here are small, there are many settlements throughout the roads, and the roads themselves are few. If there is a map or Navigator, you will not get lost. Traffic on the roads is not strong, traffic is not large and mostly in large cities during the peak, drivers drive carefully, in this regard, to drive a car in the country and the driver can with a little experience. There is one difficulty — it's serpentine's in the mountains, but there is a way out, you should plan a trip only in the afternoon and try not to break the speed regime, then the journey through the mountain serpentine will bring you a lot of positive emotions from observing amazing landscapes along the way.


Driving rules in Montenegro

The total length of the roads is 7,762 km, of which 7,141 km are paved. There are no roads that are built according to the standards of highways. The roads in the country are free, the only place where you have to pay the fare is in the Sozin tunnel and on the ferry in the Bay of Kotor.

Traffic rules in the country are European.

 Rules of Traffic in Montenegro

Some nuances:

  • It is forbidden to operate the machine after drinking alcoholic beverages, the alcohol content in the blood is permissible-0 ppm.
  • The dipped headlights must always be switched on while driving.
  • All persons in the car must be fastened with a secure belt.
  • At the roundabout, drivers who are already moving on it in a circle have an advantage.
  • Most traffic lights have an additional section that allows you to turn right when the main red light is on.
  • It is allowed to go in the city at a speed of 60 km/h, outside the city — 90 km / h.
  • Overtaking and detour is only allowed if your maneuver is completely safe. Overtaking is performed only on the left side, except in the case of overtaking the car, which turns left.


Penalties for driving in MontenegroThe main penalties for violation of traffic rules:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol: the driver is deprived of his license and fined up to 2000 euros or arrested for several days.
  • Control of the car without turning on the dipped headlights: a fine of 30 euros.
  • Use of a mobile phone while driving a car: a fine of 20 euros.
  • If the driver and passengers are not wearing a seat belt while driving: a fine of 15 euros.
  • Overtaking after the prohibiting sign and crossing the solid line: penalty from 50 to 150 euros.


If the police stop the driver for traffic violation, he can withdraw his driver's license and registration certificate until the fine is paid, and sometimes his passport is withdrawn. To return the documents, you should come to the court at the appointed time, to clarify the penalty amount and pay it along with the court costs through the Bank, then you will get your documents back.

The police on the roads mainly watches that on dangerous sites rules were observed: in the cities at intersections, on bridges, on the road. The police do not catch violators on the tracks, which are clearly visible. Drivers stop in the event that specifically committed a violation, they can still be stopped if a special is carried out. Operation to catch criminals. If the violation is minor, it is possible to get off only a warning if you manage to convince the police of his repentance.


Rent a car

Car rental is issued if you are already 21 years old, and you have the right to driver and driving experience for more than a year. You need to pay a Deposit of 50 to 300 euros, it all depends on the car brand and conditions of the company. The car can be rented from several hours to several days.

When you choose a company, you should look at what is included in the rental price, whether it takes into account tax and insurance

Parking rules are strictly regulated. If you leave the car in a prohibited place, you will have to pay a tow truck somewhere around 100 euros at a time. In the tourist season, you are unlikely to find your car if you put it in a prohibited place for a couple of minutes.

Rent a car in Montenegro