Cafe Kuzina

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Cafe Kuzina

"Kuzina" is a Montenegrin cafe, which is very popular among the local population. Here it is worth to go for the real delicacies of the national cuisine, prepared by the masters of their craft.


Location and time of work

Cafe-restaurant Kuzina is located in the center of the resort and nightlife of Montenegro - in Budva. Decorated in brown tones, the institution with a large signboard is located directly at the bypass road, it is easy to see from afar. Cafe Kuzina works around the clock, which adds to its attractiveness in the eyes of tourists and local residents.

Location of Cafe Kuzina 



Kuzina - an institution in which the atmosphere of true Montenegro reigns. Inside the cafe is decorated with wooden furniture, its walls are hung with black and white photographs, on the tables are old books, the interior is decorated with antiques.

Hospitality is an important feature of "Kuzina". Sometimes the owner of the house dines and dines with the guests of the cafe. Visitors are often served free treats from the chef. Quality of service in Kuzina is at a high level, this place does not disappoint even the most demanding guests.

Waiters take orders and serve dishes in national costumes. Some of them are fluent in Russian. A special advantage of the cafe is the speed of service and attention to each visitor.

Despite the excellent taste of the dishes and the high level of service, the Kuzina cafe has reasonable prices. Some call it one of the most budgetary and yet quality establishments in Budva. The democratic nature of the café can be explained by its remoteness from the beach and the main resort infrastructure.


Dining areas

In the indoor hall of the "Kuzina" is the main dining room, ideal for special occasions. They often celebrate national holidays, arrange dinner parties, spend dates and just get together with families.

In the main hall of the cafe live music is played every evening. Musicians perform old and modern Montenegrin hits, thanks to which tourists can join the national culture of this country.

For outdoor lovers, there are open terraces. In the summer, the verandas are filled to capacity, so it makes sense to book a table in advance. From the terraces offers a good view of the busy city.

Interior of the cafe Kuzina 



The menu in "Kuzina" is translated into several languages, including Russian. In order not to get confused, seeing the variety of dishes, you can ask for advice from the waiter. Most likely, he will recommend you hit a cafe - meat under the sauce, which earned a huge number of positive reviews from tourists who have been resting here. It takes a long time to cook, so you'll have to wait.

The menu is dominated by exquisite dishes of oriental cuisine. Among the originally Montenegrin dishes that are served here, chorba, kaimak, chevapi, aivar, urnesb, spewal cheese and Negush steak are in great demand.

For lovers of European cuisine, the menu includes a Caesar salad, grilled vegetables, breaded bread, omelettes, risotto, spaghetti, salads, shish kebabs, hamburgers and more than a dozen different items.

In the menu of the cafe there are also desserts: pancakes with filling, fruit cheesecake, as well as firm delicacy of the institution, which is prepared from plums, figs and ice cream. Coffee is often ordered for sweets.

On request, the chef is ready to adjust or supplement any dish. Making an order in the "Kuzina", you can safely rely on a beautiful, accurate and, most importantly, fast delivery.

The cafe is engaged in free delivery of dishes throughout Budva. This service is in demand among local people who trust the institution that has been tested for years. The minimum order amount is 2 euros, the delivery takes no more than an hour.

Dishes are served in large portions. Some items from the menu can be safely ordered for two. The waiters are always ready to pack the uneaten with them. Cafe Kuzina is great for a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cafe Kuzina menu