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Do you dream of an unusual journey in a place near the sea and forest thicket? Go on vacation to Montenegro - one of the most attractive tourist destinations. This region will offer you the widest palette of landscapes and stunning landscapes. The trip will allow you to visit the Adriatic coast, descend into the deep canyons, explore the capital Podgorica, ancient villages and monasteries.


Why should you go to Montenegro?


Since Montenegro, the country of the Balkan Peninsula, gained independence in 2006, tourism has become one of the main directions of the development of the state, making up a third of the overall economic budget. And this is quite an explanation.

There are places that can not be ignored. For example, Kotor Bay is the only fjord in the Mediterranean, offering a unique landscape that has no analogues, where you can make an ascent to the fortress of St. John, located 280 meters above the city of Kotor, located right there - on the shore of the bay. Another argument of nature in Montenegro is the serene sandy and pebbly beaches from Becici to Budva with a length of more than 12 kilometers, where you can relax, the resorts of Bar and Ulcinj, the country's oldest and warmest settlement.

 Montenegro - Kotor Bay

Weather in Montenegro


Warm weather in Montenegro (more than 260 sunny days a year!) Due to its mild Mediterranean continental climate allows tourists to fully enjoy swimming in crystal clear sea water, cruises on liners and yachts. It is advised to choose the period from May to September as the best time for tourism: the average temperature is from 20 to 30 degrees, there is little rain, and the water is heated to 24 in August. But in winter, in the mountain regions of the Dinaric Highlands and the Balkan ranges, there is enough snow for fans of extreme sports - skiing or snowboarding. Due to the fact that the height of the mountains reaches 2000 meters above sea level, there is a rich biodiversity of national parks and reserves. In the central part of the country there is a mild winter with a small amount of precipitation.


Budva is a festive city


Budva in MontenegroAccording to tourists from Montenegro Budva is the most popular and favorite resort, not inferior in its atmosphere to the French Saint-Tropez. Budva is an ancient city 65 km away. kyugo-east from the capital with its beautiful cobblestone streets, citadel and fortress of the 15th century that will make you forget about the noise of the crowd. If you are on the contrary looking for fun and active nightlife, the beach resort of Budva, also called the Budva Riviera, with its lively nightclubs and bars will not let you get bored all night. No wonder this city is called a city-holiday!

Cultural and ecological purpose of the trip


During the trip, guests can get acquainted with valuable historical treasures, for example the fishing village of Sveti Stefan on the island where the chic hotel was built. Or the ancient capital of Cetinje, famous for its museums, which contain the symbols of the past of Montenegro. It is impossible not to mention the current capital, Podgorica. There you will discover national parks; for example, Durmitor, listed as a UNESCO heritage site, or Biograd with its pristine untouched forests.

On the map of Montenegro there is also Lake Skadar, also called the Lake of the Stars, and the Tara Canyon, the visit of which will bring you peace and a sense of oneness with nature. Such natural purity is explained by the fact that the tourist policy of the state is based on the principle of preserving the environment and respecting the environment, which is even enshrined in the Constitution. In its reserves there are chamois, brown larvae and unique heather roosters. As part of the cultural program, go to the Orthodox Church Savin, which has a collection of rare manuscripts, relics and Irokopisnoy Gospel, dating from 1375. And the Ostrog monastery in the valley of Bijelo-pole is a real pilgrimage center with a beautiful Serbian Orthodox church, which gathers thousands of Christian believers every year.

 Lake Skadar in Montenegro

Montenegro is a gourmet's paradise!


It is impossible not to note the growing popularity of gastronomic tourism in Montenegro. Because of the large differences between the climatic conditions of their regions, the coastal kitchen is strikingly different from that traditionally found in the mountains. On the beach you are offered smoked ham, different types of cheeses: especially good cheeses from goat and sheep's milk. As a hot snack, risotto from seafood will perfectly serve. Also, fresh fish are often served on the grill. In the mountainous regions you will be treated to stewed lamb or lamb with potatoes.

A pleasant bonus for travelers

The fact that the formalities connected with the authorization to enter Montenegro at the time of 2018 have become much simpler, can not but rejoice. Now, the residents of the Russian Federation will have a passport for a visa-free stay of up to 90 days. Traveling has become easier and more accessible!
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