Montenegro: Dzhurzhevich Bridge, Tara River canyon

Montenegro: Dzhurzhevich Bridge, Tara River canyon

Montenegro: Dzhurzhevich Bridge, Tara River canyon

Dzhurzhevich Bridge


Montenegro – the amazing country which can offer many-sided rest. They say that sea resorts it only sea, sun, beach and quiet rest, but it not absolutely so. For fans of active pastime Montenegro offers smart excursions to the best places created by the nature.


Tara River canyon


Canyon of the River TaraOne of the most picturesque places in Montenegro can be seen in the Tara River canyon. The impressive massif, gorges and smart falls surround this fantastic place. In addition to beauty which were created in the millennia by the nature there is not less surprising creation of hands of the person - the arc bridge of Dzhurdzhevich. It stretched for 365 meters through the mountain Tara River. Height of the bridge is more than 170 meters over water level. It is the most impressive bridge with car traffic in the whole Europe. From 1937 to 1940 Miyat Troyanovich and Isaac Russo took part in construction of the grandiose project. After destruction during World War II the bridge was reconstructed and given to that look which we can see and today. He received the name in honor of the local farmer Dzhurdzhevich who lived in this area. For many years the surprising design became the hallmark of Montenegro.


Panoramic views


Very few people will remain indifferent, being at the height of 170 meters. Standing on the bridge, apparently, that you soar in air, and all beauty of a canyon at the very bottom reveals. Under legs the whole abyss in which the raging river hastily runs. Water in the mountain Tara River such clean and transparent that, despite impressive height it is possible to consider its stony bottom in parts. From Dzhurdzhevich Bridge surprising types open: the majestic mountains covered with the emerald woods, fascinating rocky breaks and the sapphire tape of the mountain river disappearing in the mountain area. The purest air which it is impossible to inhale surrounds everything around. This place is worth it to admire from height of bird's flight. Picturesque types against the background of the arc bridge became the main place for removal of movies more than once.

 Jurzevica Bridge

What to be engaged to the tourist in, visiting Dzhurdzhevich Bridge?


As this place is the main sight of Montenegro, infrastructure is very well developed here. Excursions included a hike through the bridge which will take about an hour. During this period you will be able to take unforgettable pictures against the background of a bewitching landscape and to listen to a tragic story of a structure. It is possible to have a rest with friends after the long road in the equipped camping. For those who travel on the car there is a small gas station. In cozy cafe, benevolent locals, will offer a nourishing lunch in an environment of the surprising nature. For thrill-seekers, special entertainments will be offered. Jumps on an elastic band from the bridge and participation in rafting, will leave a heap of positive emotions.

Planning rest in Montenegro, surely find time for visit of the main sight. Dzhurdzhevich Bridge is worth it to spend the whole day and to admire charming natural landscapes from a grandiose architectural masterpiece.