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In Montenegro Tivat is at the same time a municipality and a picturesque coastal city located at the Kotor’s Bay, which represents a small region on the shore of the fjord. Thanks to its convenient location on the Adriatic coast weather in Tivat is just perfect for going out to sea, and therefore attracts many boaters and lovers of water sports in its modern marina.

Tivat in MontenegroThe city is also known as the most sunny place of the Bay of Kotor, that’s why it is a perfect place for vacationers who are planning to spend their vacation on the coast of the beautiful sea and prefer to choose a secluded place to stay. Tivat is the centre of the whole region and one of the most popular places in Montenegro. This fact was mainly contributed by the development of various cultures. Particularly impressive look of the slopes of Vrmac, covered with greenery, gives its shades to the picturesque scenery of Tivat.

The town Tivat and the surrounding area was initially strategically located in a well protected region of the country where there are beauty, sunny climate and rich flora, which offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy the true natural wealth. Tivat is also a great starting point for those who would like to travel further afield to Montenegro due to its Central location.

Writers-travelers, such Jules Verne, Pierre Loti and many other famous people – they all were in Tivat during their extraordinary journeys, inspired by the undistorted beauty of this city. Today here you can get the routes constructed by the nature itself, walk through the picturesque roads and explore the hidden bike trails to discover stunning places hidden in dense forests where you can enjoy truly unique views and to take some great photos of Tivat.

In addition, the city is known as tourist water sports centre where you can see many luxurious yachts.

Tivat in Montenegro 

What is interesting in Tivat?


There is plenty of entertainment: you can take the opportunity to visit the Church of St. Roko, the House of Verona, St. Mary's Church and other historical and cultural attractions of Tivat. Fans to bathe and sunbathe on the sun will find the unique beaches with soft white sand such as the Beaches of Plavi Horizonti or Puro and others.

The town Tivat and its surroundings are an ideal choice for a relaxing holiday surrounded by nature, near the medieval town of Kotor. Travelers can find there coastal upscale hotels and budget guest houses (hostels) where they can stay. So there are options for every taste and budget: from international standard hotels to family motels. There is even the possibility to rent an apartment in Tivat, which is profitable and comfortable, for example, if you are traveling with family or friends, since this option gives more freedom in action. Prices start from 30 euros per night in the holiday season. Luxury holidays for tourists could be provided by international hotels Palma, Eco Carrubba, Regent Porto Montenegro and so on.

Montenegro Tivat. Excurison

In local restaurants you can order dishes of mixed cuisine, including local. That is with a food you can get acquainted with traditions and culture of Montenegro, but if you want, you could also enjoy the familiar dishes of your country. Judging by tourist reviews of Tivat, the most popular and well-known restaurants of Tivat are Konoba Koliba, restaurant Montenegrino and a restaurant Prova. Here you can taste delicious and refined cuisine prepared from local seafood and excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

In the summer Tivat becomes crowded and especially busy, because it is also an epicenter of cultural events. For example, local Sports Olympics Bocce brings together many tourists who want to have fun on the Adriatic coast. Classes water sports and cruise trips on yachts give excellent opportunities to experience the beauty of the Adriatic and enjoying the clean sea water.

This city is a cozy place where tourists are always welcome by friendly and hospitable people on the coast of the Bay of Kotor.


Pearl of Tivat is Porto Montenegro.

Tivat - Porto MontenegroPorto is a luxury marina, located in the seaside town of Tivat on the beautiful coastline of the Adriatic sea in the Bay of Kotor, listed in a UNESCO world Heritage site. This marina of international class provides the best rental services of yachts, sailboats and motorboats, excursions to the open sea and other water entertainment. Tourists will discover an amazing balance between good taste, beauty, innovation and avant-garde, nature and history. At the coast travelers and boat owners will face with the breathtaking turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, so transparent that the bottom can be seen with its vegetation.

This seaside town has to meet the expectations and tastes of even the most discerning of its visitors: sports clubs, hotels, collection of ancient buildings and sailing school, which is available here in the port.


How to get to Tivat?


The reviews of tourists often advise to save money and to get to Montenegro by train. However, it is not so. The cost of a train ticket is often more expensive than a ticket Moscow-Tivat, and take longer, and there is no doubt about the comfort: who likes almost three and a half days of shake in the train?

But for those who want to start their acquaintance with Montenegro with Tivat there is good news: there is an international airport. However, the mode of operation of the airport Tivat is only valid during the daytime. So if your flight to Tivat falls on the night of the day, your plane will land in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, and from there free transportation to Tivat is possible. To fly faster and cheaper you can book a ticket online to Tivat at an affordable price – from 8000 rubles on average. The road will take a little over three hours.