Montenegro beach holidays

All about beach holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro beach holidays

The Adriatic Sea is the main reason why tourists come to Montenegro massively. There are many beaches in this country, they are different, they have their pros and cons. Below we will consider all the subtleties of beach holidays in Montenegro.


Local laws

The entire coast of Montenegro belongs to the state. Some beach areas are rented by entrepreneurs who must follow certain rules.

First, the entrepreneur is obliged to clean and level the beach daily. This requirement is to be met even in winter, when the beach is empty.

Secondly, he has no right to make sunbeds and other equipment more than 50% of the beach. Half of its territory should be free for those wishing to sunbathe on their own rugs. In rare cases, this rule is not respected.

Thirdly, the passage to the beach should be free for all comers. Exceptions are only elite recreation areas in the area of ​​Sveti Stefan and Milocer, where celebrities often rest.

It turns out that virtually any Montenegrin beach is ennobled and at the same time is available for free recreation. Sun beds and deckchairs are rented voluntarily, and not forcibly.

When the swimming season begins in Montenegro 


Bathing season

The beach season in most resorts opens in mid-May and ends in early October. On the central beaches of the country, which are in Budva and Petrovac, the real boom starts in July and ends only in September.

The water temperature in the sea varies depending on the weather conditions. If the spring is warm, then the water warms up to the standard summer temperature (+25 °C) by the last days of May. If the coast often rains, the sea becomes warm only in early June.

The Adriatic Sea has an unpleasant feature: due to strong winds and undercurrents, the water in it sometimes cools. This happens twice or thrice a season, at different times. For a couple of sunny days, the water temperature rises again, and vacationers almost do not feel discomfort.

If you want to enjoy a measured rest on the shores of the warm sea, it is advisable to come to Montenegro in late spring, in the first half of June or early autumn. In summer it will be difficult to find a free place, even on a paid chaise lounge.


Types of beaches

Montenegro is a country of mountains, its coast is literally rugged by small bays. Many of them have been converted to pebble beaches. To stroll along the beach and swim in the sea, it is enough to buy special slippers that are sold at all major resorts.

Pebble beach in Montenegro

To provide comfort to holidaymakers, beach tenants bring sand to the coast, which falls asleep directly over the pebbles. By the end of the season, it is almost completely washed with water. Mixed cover is present on almost all popular beaches in Montenegro.

Pebble cover has its advantages. Due to the absence of sand, the sea remains clean, it retains excellent visibility. On the coast there are no sandstorms, and after rest tourists do not have to find sand in their clothes, bags, etc.

The only sandy beaches are located in the south of Montenegro, near the resort town of Ulcinj. The greatest popularity is enjoyed by Velika Plaža. The bottom is shallow, there are no differences in depth. The beach stretches for 13 km along the coast, there is enough space for everyone.

There are also concrete beaches in the country. Holidaymakers on them go down to the sea on the stairs. This option of rest is inconvenient for parents with young children, who need to be looked after. The largest concrete beach is 12 km from Budva. It's called Ploce. This place is perfectly equipped.


The best beaches

In Montenegro, there are quite good beaches. Kamenovo, for example, is considered the best in the Budva Riviera. It is located in a cozy bay, between the villages of Przno and Rafailovici. From the shore you can see beautiful islands. Near the beach there are no residential areas, but because it rarely is a lot of people.

The beach of Przno is one of the cleanest in the country. On the shore, transparent boats are shown for rent, through which you can observe the life of the inhabitants of the sea depths. The beach is well maintained, excellent visibility is preserved in the water. The beach is located on the peninsula of Lustica, about 30 km from Tivat.

Przno beach in Montenegro

Ada-Boyana is the only official nudist beach in Montenegro. It is located on the same bulk island and occupies an impressive territory of 350 hectares. In this place is a little crowded, quiet and calm. Because of the shallow water in the sea warms up early, and the swimming season lasts until mid-October.

Luchice is the pearl of the Budva Riviera. This beach is surrounded by mountains and pine forest. The water here is remarkable for its cleanliness. The beach of Lučice boasts a developed infrastructure and the presence of entertainment for both children and adults.