Where is Montenegro?

What you need to know about this small country.

Where is Montenegro?

When planning a tourist trip to Montenegro, you need to know more about this small country. Very often the location of the country have a very vague idea.

Borders and neighborhood

This small country is one hundred and fifty-fifth in the world list by its size. It is located in the South-East of Europe, in the Balkans, on the Adriatic coast.

Montenegro natureThe country borders Italy on the Adriatic sea. Vacationers who have opened Schengen visa, have the opportunity to go to Italy from the city of Bar, there to buy things of Italian production.


Land borders of Montenegro is bordered by:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has a visa-free regime and offers a fourteen-hour tour.
  • Serbia, it is a pity, but in this country there are no excursions.
  • Republic of Kosovo.
  • Albania, there is a visa-free regime, excursions are offered.
  • Croatia, part of the European Union. You can try to get a visa to this country in Kotor, but if there is no open Schengen visa, you will not be able to visit The country.


Visa regime

The Republic is not part of the EU so without a visa to the country can enter:

  • Russians;
  • Ukrainians:
  • Belorussian;
  • Latvians;
  • Lithuanians;
  • Estonians.

For tourists of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the country can be without a visa no more than ninety days.

 Visa-free travel to Montenegro

Climatic features of the country

Montenegrin climate is very mild, and the sea is clean, warm and clear water. However, due to the cold currents, bathing is sometimes cool. Summer is long and warm, with plenty of sun, perfect for a beach holiday and a beautiful sun. Winter in Montenegro is short and with plenty of snow is perfect to go in for skiing. The most popular of the ski resorts is Zabljak.

Montenegrin beaches are mostly sandy-pebble or concrete. Real sand can be seen only near Ultsin. There are beaches, which are imported and sand and pebbles, but, as a rule, by August, the beach becomes pebble, as all the sand washed into the sea water.


Interesting sights in the Republic of

Montenegro landscapesMontenegro country, though small, but has a lot of cultural monuments, attractions and interesting places to stay. 

The main attraction of the country is its canyons and bays with beautiful views. We recommend you to go on a tour to the canyons of Tara and Moraca, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Try to visit the Bay of Kotor with a short excursion. During the afternoon you will visit the Church on the island built artificially, the city of millionaires Perast and Kotor.

Herceg-Nov Bay, where you will see the Botanical garden of Herceg Novi, the Blue cave and the presidential beach “Janice”.

“Island of Flowers”, located near the airport of Tivat, where sailors brought unique plants.


From the cultural attractions of the Montenegrin suggest you to look at:

  • 1. Cetinje is the ancient capital of the Republic.
  • 2. Kotor, called “little Venice”. In the city you will see a lot of Italian architecture, but there are no river channels.
  • 3. Peter's grave Negusa, which is located in the national Park Lovcen. Peter Negush was the greatest ruler of the country. There was a rumor about him that he was the most handsome man in the world. They say that when women saw him, they fainted.
  • 4. Jurjevic Tara bridge is considered the most beautiful area in the country. Here you will see the wall, which in its length takes 2nd place after the Chinese.
  • 5. St. Stephen's island is considered one of the most luxurious resorts in the country. Here are the rest of wealthy people and stars.
  • 6. Ostrog monastery is one of the most visited in the world. It contains the relics of St. Basil of Ostrog.
  • 7. The Cetinje monastery, where the hand of John the Baptist and the part of the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified are kept. You will be able to visit these shrines during the Monastery tour.
  • 8. If you wish, you can see a selection of the most interesting monasteries and churches of the country.

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