Hotels Sveti Stefan

Hotels and island Sveti Stefan in Montenegro

Hotels Sveti Stefan

Popular publishing house "Vijesti" not so long ago published a list of famous people who prefer rest in Montenegro. According to the list presented at different times, the Sveti Stefan hotel was visited by scandalous politicians, including Sandro Pertini and Giulio Andreotti, and the famous director Sergei Bondarchuk, and the amazing ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. Even the legendary Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin once visited here.

The most attractive in the resort is complete confidentiality. According to the director of the island of St. Stephen, Pero Radzhenovich, the likelihood that someone will be able to learn about the visit of a public person is negligible.


St. Stephen's Hotel

Sveti Stefan resort

Sveti Stefan is a city hotel located on the Adriatic coast. For a long time it was closed for reconstruction, but then again opened its doors for tourists. Every year, the volume of booking numbers here beat all the imaginable records.

This place is unique in all respects: located only 9 kilometers from Budva, it connects to the shore only by a narrow isthmus. The first mention of the island dates from 1442. His unusual name he received by analogy with the church church, which was built with the village at one time. The church was named after the patron saint of the city-island of Stefan.

By today, the island managed to win the status of a symbol of Montenegro.


The Isles of St. Stephen

Today the islands of St. Stephen offer different types of recreation: bohemian and fashionable for mature wealthy people, as well as simple and active for young people. The hotel complex has over one hundred apartments: from single-storey houses to luxurious luxury cottages. The most famous villa is number 118, because it is here that at different times relaxed stars such as Sophia Loren, Marina Vlady, Bobby Fisher and many others.

Especially for youth recreation in the evenings, there are beach discotheques that give unforgettable memories. Incendiary dances under the Mediterranean stars are exactly what active young people need. It is noteworthy that the parties here are arranged literally at every step.

Sveti Stefan resort

To visit a disco does not necessarily go in search of a bar or nightclub. Hotel St. Stephen offers party guests on its territory on a private private beach.

For fans of a quiet and peaceful pastime on the island were created a variety of sanatoriums. They have the best specialists in their field, guaranteeing a quality program of therapeutic and relaxing procedures. Thus, on the island of St. Stephen you can relax not only the soul, but also the body.