Restaurants with national cuisine

In which restaurants can you taste the national cuisine of Montenegro

Restaurants with national cuisine

Restaurants with national cuisine in Montenegro can be found at every tourist resort and in any city of this country. Below we will talk about the peculiarities of Montenegrin dishes in local institutions, and after that we will select the best restaurants of this country, marked not only by foreigners, but also by Montenegrins themselves.


Features of national cuisine

Montenegrin cuisine is not difficult: its recipes are simple, the ingredients are the same, spices and sauces are almost never added to the dishes. The basis of the national cuisine is meat, vegetables and sour-milk products.

The restaurants that offer visitors a variety of fish and seafood are not so many. Due to low competition, prices for fish dishes are almost always overestimated.

The cost of national dishes depends largely on the distance from the restaurant to the beach. The highest prices are observed in coastal establishments, the lowest - in cafes that are on the routes between cities.

In non-tourist establishments larger and more satisfying portions are served than in advertised beach cafes. Montenegrins themselves and experienced tourists assure that the cuisine in them is much more delicious.



Some tourists call this place the best of all that they visited in Montenegro. Pecenjara is located in Golubovichi, near the airport of Podgorica. From the windows you can see a beautiful view of the valley. The restaurant has its own parking.

 Ethnic cuisine in the restaurant Pecenjara


Particular attention in Pecenjara deserves a fish chorba, mixed meat, baked paprika, carp (imported from Skadar Lake), eels and meat on a long skewer - originally Montenegrin food.

Visitors to the establishment note the freshness and excellent taste of all dishes. Portions here are large, prices are acceptable. In Pecenjara, you can order a half of the food and stay full. For those who miss the standard dishes, there is a Russian menu.



In "Ognishta" real meat is prepared from under the Sacha - the main national dish of the country. The basis of sache here is lamb, veal, lamb or turkey. By the way, in no other Montenegrin restaurant sach with lamb is not found.

In "Ognishte" they serve chorbu, grilled meats, kaimak, paprika, proshot, fresh salads. There are several types of wine in the restaurant menu. Visitors can not only try the dishes, but also look at the process of their preparation.

The restaurant consists of two parts: an inner hall and several open terraces, surrounded by greenery, ponds and a small river. In it, fish float and there are white ducks that can be fed.

"Ognishte" is located not far from Podgorica, on the way to Ostrog Monastery. Visitors recommend it for excellent cuisine, the friendliness of the waiters, affordable rates and a cozy atmosphere.

 National cuisine in the restaurant Ogniste



Restaurant Kuzina is located in Budva. For the acceptability of prices and the quality of food, it can be called one of the best resorts. It is noteworthy that this restaurant is frequented by locals.

In Kuzina national dishes are served. Here you can taste dozens of kinds of cheeses: Negush, Pleval, goat, cheese in olive oil, breaded, etc.

The restaurant prepares several kinds of chorba: from veal, chicken and fish. This place will appeal to lovers of meat. Here you can taste shish kebabs, sausages, pancake, steaks and, of course, sach.

 Ethnic cuisine in the restaurant Kuzina



Sudbina is located on the highway between Bar and Budva, near the Hei-Nehai Fortress. It can be easily seen from the road. Nearby there is parking.

 National cuisine in the restaurant Sudbina

In summer, visitors are located on the open terrace. It is surrounded by olive trees that save local and holidaymakers from the scorching sun. The terrace offers a wonderful view of the mountains. In winter, the tables are covered indoors.

Sudbina cooks tartar, fish in dairy sauce, shrimp, warm bread with brand cheese, various meat dishes. Chilled red wine is served to the dishes. Some dishes like aperitifs are provided to visitors at the expense of the establishment.

The restaurant is not in a tourist place, and therefore there are not very many visitors. Sometimes Sudbina guests are invited to the kitchen to watch the cooking process. Prices here are much lower than in the more famous institutions of the country.


Knyazheva Bashta

Knyazheva Bashta is a luxury restaurant located in the heart of Bar. From its windows a wonderful view of the sea and the beach.

The restaurant, adjacent to the palace complex of King Nicolas, is famous for its exquisite decoration. Here there are ancient elements of the interior, brought from Venice. The restaurant always plays unobtrusive European music.

Knyazheva Bashta - an ideal place for lovers of good wine, which is considered a traditional Montenegrin drink. The wine list of the establishment includes many varieties of wines: white, red, sparkling, dry, etc. To alcoholic beverages are served national dishes, light desserts and cold snacks for every taste.

The restaurant hosts weddings, birthdays, themed events, children's parties.

National cuisine in the restaurant Knyazheva Bashta