From Bulgaria to Montenegro

What kind of transport can you get to Montenegro from Bulgaria

From Bulgaria to Montenegro

Active tourists, vacationers in Bulgaria, are looking for an opportunity to visit neighboring countries like Montenegro. This country is famous for its amazing nature, warm sea, excellent ecology and a variety of attractions. In this article we will tell you how easy and fast it is to get from Bulgaria to Montenegro.


By airplane

To get from Bulgaria to Montenegro you can take a charter flight, a flight with a transfer or a direct flight. The first option is only available in high season. You can order it at the travel agency. In this case, you have to pay for the flight and accommodation at the hotel. This option is not suitable for those who travel to Montenegro for a couple of days.

Direct flights from Bulgaria to Montenegro are a rarity. They are arranged in high season and are quite expensive. The most acceptable option is a flight with a transfer, which takes at least 5 hours. Departures are regularly made from Sofia, Burgas or Varna. The docking is done in Moscow, Belgrade, Bucharest, Vienna, Prague, Munich and a whole number of European cities.

Please note that to fly with a dock you may need a Schengen visa. It all depends on the number of hours that you have to spend at the airport, as well as the conditions for entry into a specific European country. Before buying a ticket, it is worth finding information about the visa regime.

The cost of the flight from Bulgaria to Montenegro is constantly changing. The cheapest tickets are sold half a year before the proposed departure, the most expensive - 2 weeks before departure. To fly early in the morning on a weekday is cheaper than on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. To find the cheapest ticket, it's best to use the Aviasales service.

From Bulgaria to Montenegro by plane 


By bus

Between Bulgaria and Montenegro there is no direct bus service, so you have to change for a trip. In the high season a bus departs from Sofia to the Serbian city of Nis twice a day. Arriving in Nis, you need to transfer to another bus, plying to Tivat or Podgorica. The path runs through Kosovo and Albania. The trip takes from 11 to 20 hours, depending on the duration of the docking.

There is another version of the transfer: a trip from Sofia to the Macedonian city of Skopje and a trip from Skopje to Montenegro's capital Podgorica. In the summer, both buses depart twice a day. In winter, the number of flights is reduced, and the schedule changes. Tickets are always available.


By Train

Montenegro from Bulgaria can not be reached by direct train, instead it is necessary to make a dock. From Sofia, you can get to the Serbian city of Belgrade, and in it take the train to Montenegro Bar. Such a trip will take at least 2 nights. On the way from Belgrade to the Bar before the travelers, there are beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature: many kilometers of valleys, dense forests, high mountains.

From Bar you can quickly get to any point in Montenegro. To do this, you need to use a shuttle bus or a long-distance taxi service, which is in demand in a small-sized Montenegro.

From Bulgaria to Montenegro by train 


By car

The easiest way is to travel from Bulgaria to Montenegro on your own or rented car. The distance from Bourgas to Podgorica is 992 km. A one way trip takes at least 9 hours. The gasoline costs from 95 to 140 euros, depending on the place of refueling and the chosen route.

The automobile route from Bulgaria to Montenegro almost always runs through Macedonia and Albania. To visit the first country, Russians do not need a visa, it is not required to enter Albania only in the summer. The visa regime may change, it is advisable to ask about it before the trip.

If you are going to go from Bulgaria to Montenegro on a rented car, you should take care of the green card in advance, that is, international insurance. It is advisable to think about this moment at the stage of signing a car rental agreement.