Fishing in Montenegro

What about fishing in Montenegro?

Fishing in Montenegro

Unforgettable moments will give the tourist fishing in Montenegro - a sea of ​​joy and pleasure, pride in this (!!!) catch, satisfaction and sense of self worth in this vast world.


What fish is found in the waters of Montenegro


Fishing in MontenegroSo, going to a tourist trip to fishing in Montenegro. It's no secret that the fish are found everywhere. In the Adriatic Sea there are both fresh and marine fish. True, almost no pike perch, pike, or perch, but a lot of black and white stickers, carp, which is first fed corn, eel, roach, sea bass, fish disc - so called locals flounder, dorado, catfish, mullet , sea crucian carp. Among the coastal rocks are hidden stone perch, triggerfish and scorpion.


In the water, huge flocks of tuna go. Not a rare guest in the local waters of moray eels and mackerel. At night, octopus, squid and cuttlefish approach the shore. If you climb mountains, you can catch river trout. In Montenegro, it is considered the most common and cheap fish. The main thing on mountain fishing in Montenegro is not to fall off a steep rocky shore directly into a fast river. More than 40 species of fish give water to Montenegro lovers of fishing. In the Boka Bay of Kotor, oysters and mussels are grown.


To pay or not to pay for fishing?


The peculiarities of national fishing in Montenegro include the need for issuing permits, or simply obtaining (buying) a license. It is not required everywhere. If you are going to fish with a fishing rod on the seacoast of Montenegro in some quiet creek or pier, then catch yourself for health absolutely free of charge.

If, in your plans, to be located outside the coastal part, then it is necessary to clarify the current rules for catching fish that are relevant for the area. Every tourist guide knows in which regions of Montenegro you need to purchase a special permit for fishing. This requirement applies to fishing in lakes and rivers located in the national parks of Montenegro.

Some water bodies can be completely closed for catching fish, in other places the ban is valid at a particular time of the year. Skadar Lake, for example, is closed to fishing for the period from March 15 to July 1 - to protect the fish during spawning. Usually the ban applies to all fish species, except for the river eel. The license for the day costs only 5 euros.

In the summer, you will not be able to go fishing on the beaches. Priority is given to vacationers. But after sunset and until dawn, the beachfront is completely at the disposal of the fishermen. How much this is actual is another matter. There may also be catch limits.

When going fishing in Montenegro, it is necessary to take into account that any rule regarding fishing is mandatory for execution. And for non-compliance and lack of license, which can be bought in the Union of Sports Fisheries or in clubs that are members of this organization - a fine and, as a result, a spoiled mood.

But you can not worry - a private guide in the course of all the subtleties of national fishing and legislative regulations. You can catch almost everything: on a hook with a bait, a wobbler (for fishing by spinning, "path" or trolling), use other gear. However, you can not carry gear that is not related to the licensed form of fishing. A local expert will provide the foreign fisherman with the right equipment. Therefore, tourists - lovers of fishing - can only enjoy unforgettable moments.


Where the fish is - you need to know the places


Montenegro fishingSpecial fishing tours provided by the tourist company, offer to fish in the cleanest sea in the world - the Adriatic. In its waters is found a flock of predators, horse mackerel, nimble mullet, snake-like sea eel, terrifying appearance of wolffish and other representatives of the aquatic world, dreaming (or not wishing at all) to fall for your fishing rod. Catching is allowed from April to October - almost at the height of the tourist season.


Fishing on the lakes and rivers of Montenegro - this is a fairy tale in reality! From the beginning of May to the end of September, it is allowed to fish in water bodies located on the territory of the national park of national importance Durmitor. A large carp, mullet, roach is found in the waters of the Black and the Vrazhye Lake. For the license, however, you have to pay 20 euros (for one day).


Biogradskoe Lake is rich in such species of water inhabitants as the yaz and roach, you can catch flounder and eel, there is a bleak and even a representative of the salmon family - salmon. Among the fishing gurus, the mountainous Plavskoe lake, which feeds local people for many centuries, is popular. If your target is a trout or a Danube salmon (in 1985, you caught salmon weighing 41 kg!) - you are exactly here! In the process, carp and barbel are caught. There is even a pike here. In winter, fishing trips are offered for ice fishing.


The cost of Montenegrin fishing


Prices can be found in the catalog. The cost is usually indicated on the whole group of fishing tourists.