Kolasin and Zabljak, Montenegro: Ski resorts, ski lifts, weather, winter rest

Kolasin and Zabljak, Montenegro ski resorts

Kolasin and Zabljak, Montenegro: Ski resorts, ski lifts, weather, winter rest

Rest on the beaches of Montenegro has long conquered many tourists, but not all lovers of outdoor activities know about rest in its mountainous part. Despite this, ski resorts have recently started to be actively developed by tourists. Zabljak and Kolasin are the most popular among skiers and snowboarders. What attracts people from all over Europe?


What to see?


Черногория. Горнолыжный курорт Дурмитор весной. Дурмитор

Black Lake is one of the places where tourists are necessarily brought. In summer you can go boating or swimming, although the water of the glacial lake is cold. In winter, the lake freezes, and on its icy surface arrange races on the sled. At any time of year there are amazing views of the mountains, and the mysterious dark emerald surface will impress even the sophisticated tourist.

The canyon of the river Tara is considered the second largest in the world, its depth reaches 1.3 km. People come here for impressions of rafting.

Pedestrian routes, laid in the vicinity of the resorts, pass through picturesque places. During unhurried walks you can fully enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery and greatness of coniferous forests. The main thing is not to forget to take a camera with you.

It is believed that the ski slopes are better in Kolasin than in Zabljak. But nature and service are everywhere equally good. Skiers from Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Italy and other countries like to take a rest at both resorts. The inhabitants of Montenegro also spend their weekends here.

Montenegro. ski center Durmitor in the spring. Durmitor.


WE recommend that you book accommodation in the resort in advance:



Benefits of resorts in Montenegro

Young people are attracted to low prices. So, the ascent to Belasitsa - 12 € from an adult and 9 from a child. You can buy ski-pass. The ski season starts here in November and ends by May. In Kolshan there is a track with a length of 4.5 km! In addition, young people from Russia are attracted to the resorts of Montenegro visa-free regime - the opportunity to relax in Europe and spend much less than, for example, when traveling to the Alps. At the same time, quality trails are not inferior to Alpine tracks.

The resort of Zabljak is perfect for beginners and families with children. There are children's ski lifts and a school for beginners. For experienced athletes, there are more steep routes, and there is also an opportunity for freeride.

Snow on the slopes of Durmitor does not descend until April, and in some high-mountainous areas you can ski and snowboard all year round.




The weather at both resorts is sometimes capricious. In Kolasin, snow cover is usually three meters, and in Zabljak - 1.5 meters. But snow can change to rain, which brings a lot of concern to the owners of hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers and other entrepreneurs involved in tourism. On average, the air temperature is kept within + 2 ... + 8C.

Snowy weather directly affects the condition of roads. There are frequent drifts, it is necessary to get out through which by means of a shovel. The authorities are doing everything to ensure travel to such remote, but popular tourist places as Zabljak.