Holiday in Tivat: features and benefits

Holiday in Tivat: features and benefits

Holiday in Tivat: features and benefits

Located on the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea, the city of Tivat combines the best, for which tourists from all over the world like to rest in Montenegro. A mild climate, a clean and warm season in the sea, picturesque nature, historical monuments and the hospitality of Montenegrins are far from a complete list of reasons for visiting, sightseeing and recreation in Tivat.

To the merits of choosing this coastal city as a base for recreation and exploring the culture of Montenegro, we will refer to its proximity to the main air gate of Montenegro. Rest in Tivat is attractive with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, constantly being improved under the control of the state. The city impresses with the number of restaurants and cafes for every taste and budget, one of the best beaches on the coast, the opportunity to comfortably visit other cities of Montenegro.

Vacation in Tivat

Obligatory to visit the sights are:

  • yacht marina of Porto Montenegro. Built on the site of the former naval base of Yugoslavia, it is considered one of the most convenient and luxurious in Europe. Attracts yacht owners from around the world;
  • local historical and cultural attractions, in particular the Church of St. Mary. Without their visit, the understanding of the mentality of the Montenegrins will be incomplete;
  • Visit a botanical garden, the plants of which are collected by the efforts of local seafarers.

Porto Montenegro

Reviews about the rest in Tivat are invariably positive. Regardless of whether you prefer active rest or tranquility and dimensionality, this pearl of Montenegro will be there than surprise you.