Airports In Montenegro

Montenegro airports. Airport Tivat. Airport Podgorica

Airports In Montenegro

Today, air travel is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. Montenegro is a small country, but has two airports. One of the airports is located eleven kilometers from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, and has the same name. The second airport is located near the city of Tivat. Service at the airports at the highest level is provided by very polite staff.


Airport Tivat


Airport Montenegro TivatThe airport is convenient for vacationers who go to Budva, Kotor, Becici. If you go by bus, the road will take about 20 minutes. Because of this location of the cities, the airport in Tivat is often overloaded, especially noticeable in the holiday season, when the influx of visitors increases even more.


The terminal area of about 4057 m2 and when a large influx of passengers at the passport control formed a long queue.


The state air carrier operates regular flights on the Montenegro — Belgrade route. This airport is mainly focused on the maintenance of Charter flights, and when the tourist season comes, there are landing planes of such airlines as Air Berlin, SAS, LTU and others.


Tourists from Russia and CIS countries use S7 and Moskovia airlines. The airport building has a cafeteria and shops, which are quite high prices.


Airport Pòdgorica


This is the most important flight field of Montenegro. It is based on the air carriers of Montenegrin airlines and JAT, as well as the representative offices of the twenty-eight largest airlines in Europe. The airport has Bank branches and shops “Duty Free”, car rental and travel Agency. Near the airport there is a bus stop — a flight to the capital will cost three euros. A taxi to the capital will cost fifteen euros.


How to get from the airport to the city and back?


You can get from the airports of Tivat and Podgorica to Budva by bus, which is the most budgetary means of transportation.


There is no direct bus from Budva to Pòdgorica airport. Near the railway station there is a bus station where all the bus transport is collected. They make flights from Budva to the airport every hour, the cost of the ticket is six euros. You can take a taxi for 7-10 euros.


From Budva to Tivat airport constantly makes a Shuttle bus, the trip takes half an hour, the cost of a bus ticket is three euros.

Passenger transport

Airport Montenegro PodgoricaYou can also drive to Budva from both airports with a rental car. For this method of movement requires driver's rights. A rented car costs from twenty euros per day. If you plan to arena the car in the country, it is very profitable and convenient to order it immediately at the airport.


The trip from Podgorica to Budva by car has two ways: cetinski (bus route) and through Skadar lake. The first way is short, it is picturesque and serpentine. Road through Skadar lake has a fork: you can go through the serpentine (but in some places the road there is badly damaged) or go through the tunnel, there is an additional charge of three euros.


Near the airport Pòdgorica Parking fee-one Euro per hour.



The drive from Tivat airport to Budva by car: there is only one way, and very direct. Parking near the airport paid, but roomy. Free Parking is available outside the airport, near the gas station.


Shuttle bus ride

From Podgorica to Budva you can take the hotel bus. Tickets can be purchased at the airport upon arrival or online in advance. Their cost is twenty-one euros, it is cheaper than a taxi. Transfer service from Pòdgorica to Petrovac — price nineteen euros.

In both airports, taxis are quite expensive — from Tivat to Budva will cost about forty euros, and to Pòdgorica — about seventy euros.


Moving from Tivat to Becici will cost twenty-one euros, and in Petrovac — thirty-seven euros.


In fact, it is a transfer taxi. It can be rented in any city of the country on the website of the carrier, indicating whether you need a child seat or booster.


Through the site you can pay part of the amount, the remaining amount is transferred to the driver. You will be expected at the airport with a name plate in your hands. Most drivers communicate a little in Russian.

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