Montenegro: resorts, beaches

Montenegro: the most popular resorts and beaches

Montenegro: resorts, beaches

Sandy beaches of Montenegro are rightly considered the purest in the world and awarded the greatest number of "Blue Flags". The azure waters of the warm Adriatic Sea are washed by more than 70 km of land, on which 117 beaches are located. The bathing area of ​​Montenegrin coast offers a great variety, colorful nature and unique panoramas in every corner of the coast.

Sand, pebble, concrete and absolutely wild - the beaches and resorts of Montenegro will give everyone an ideal place for a romantic weekend, a holiday with your family or diving. Picturesque rocky coasts, colorful nature and unique landscapes of the coast form separate zones, which are named after the name of the nearest city.

Montenegrin Riviera

The Budva Riviera

Combines a huge number of good beaches in Montenegro of all types: from family to nudist. Among them, the famous sandy beach Petrovac, suitable for children, and the unique beach of Morgen, divided into two parts by rocks: one comfortably furnished, the second - wild. But the most famous is the elite St. Stefan beach with the famous island-hotel.

The Budva Riviera

Hercegnovska Riviera

It is located in the north of the country. Here are concentrated not less popular resorts. You are waiting for Herceg Novi, the city-botanical garden, or the small pebble white beach of Zhanice, which you can reach only by boat.


Tivat Riviera

It unites about 10 unique and picturesque beaches. One of the most modern and best beaches of Montenegro is Almara. It offers a developed infrastructure for recreation at the highest level. Beach Blue horizon with a shallow depth of the sea adore family couples with children.

Almara Beach (Tivat)

The Barskaya Riviera

About 20 beaches (sandy and pebbly) are located in the southern part of the country and are washed by the Adriatic Sea and Skadar Lake. There are very crowded (Uteha) or quite wild coves (Kruche). Beaches Big and Small sands are located on the territory of the reserve surrounded by charming nature. On diving it is better to go to the beach Malevik, known by the rich sea world.


Ulcinsky Riviera

This area offers a holiday in Montenegro on the beaches of a free or private type. One of the most atmospheric is the rocky Albatros beach, divided into zones for nudists, women and mixed-type territory. Separately, there is a Women's Beach, which is famous for its medicinal properties. Those who seek solitude, should go to the wild beach Valdanos Bay.

Valdanos in Montenegro

Choose a beach and go on vacation: the season is open from April to November.