Serbia and Montenegro

Necessary information about Serbia and Montenegro

Serbia and Montenegro

Serbia and Montenegro are two independent states that previously cooperated closely. Now both countries attract tourists with their nature and sights. Below we will talk about the history of cooperation between states and the features of the transfer from Montenegro to Serbia.



In 2002, Serbia and Montenegro decided to cooperate in some areas. At the same time, each state retained its laws and economic system. In 2006, the government held a referendum on the recognition of Montenegro's independence. Most of the voters supported the country's withdrawal from the union. As a result, the authorities officially announced the termination of the union of the two countries.


To Serbia from Montenegro: general information

Serbia is located about 280 km from Montenegro. The distance between the two countries along the route is 442 km.

 The way from Serbia to Montenegro

This proximity attracts tourists who want to visit several countries at once. Almost all of them go to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and the oldest European city. Belgrade is interesting for its well-preserved architecture and an abundance of historical sights.

A visa is not required to visit Serbia for tourism, transit, business trips or meetings with relatives. Russian citizens who do not have a visa can stay in the territory of this country for 30 days in any season.


How to get there


It's quicker and easier to get to Serbia from Montenegro by plane. Regular direct flights to this country are sent from Tivat and Podgorica.

The route to Belgrade from Tivat with AirSerbia takes only 1 hour. The flight with Montenegro airlines lasts about 40 minutes, but costs more.

The cost of air tickets varies depending on the month of purchase and the date of the trip itself. The cheapest thing to fly in low season.


A train

Transfer from Serbia to MontenegroThe train is not the most convenient, but rather a budget way to get from Montenegro to Serbia.

A direct train leaves Podgorica regularly and arrives in Belgrade. The journey takes approximately 11 hours.

It is noteworthy that two trains depart from the Montenegrin bar to the capital of Serbia: "Lovcen" and "Tara". The trip takes about 11 hours.

"Lovcen" leaves in the night, "Tara" - a day. Travelers recommend choosing the second option, in order to enjoy the beauties of the two countries during a long journey.

The fare for a standard seat in the first class is 31.8 euros. A one-way trip by the second class costs 21 euros. Discounts for the purchase of round-trip tickets are not available. For a bed room you need to pay extra. Children under 6 travel free of charge. For passengers aged 6 to 14 years, the cost of the ticket is reduced by half.

Between the first and second class there are no special differences. Buying a more expensive ticket, you spend all the way on a wide and soft seat in a spacious cabin. In the economy class, the seats are more rigid and narrow, and the cabin is slightly smaller in area. The air conditioning system is installed in trains of both classes, so any trip passes with comfort.

Tickets can be purchased only at the ticket offices of the railway station. In Belgrade, it can also be done in one of two accredited agencies: Traveler Travel or Wasteels. Tickets are not sold online.

Please note that in Montenegro the tickets are paid in Euro currency for the tickets, in Serbia only dinars are accepted. Before the trip, you need to exchange cash.



From Montenegro to Serbia and back regularly comfortable buses run. They depart from Budva, Podgorica and Bar.

According to the schedule, the bus spends 12 hours on the road. Many tourists complain that he is late because of unscheduled stops. It's better to go by day to see the natural beauties of both countries.

As in the case of a train, you can buy a bus ticket only at the railway station. The schedule is to be found there, it can vary depending on the season.