Montenegro without intermediaries

How to travel in Montenegro without intermediaries?

Montenegro without intermediaries

When planning a trip or moving to Montenegro, it is not necessary to use the services of third parties and third-party services for which you have to pay commissions. Below we will talk about how to organize a trip to Montenegro without intermediaries. In the second part of the article, we will talk about the independent acquisition of housing in this European country.


Purchase of air tickets

Air tickets are an essential part of travel expenses. The most budget flights can be found on aggregator sites like Aviasales and Skyscanner, which offer a full list of rates from different airlines.

It is important to understand that sites of this type are themselves intermediaries. Sometimes the cost of tickets to them is at a higher level than on the official pages of the airlines themselves.

Having found the most acceptable variant of the flight to Aviasales, it is best to go to the site of the air carrier you like and to complete the ticket booking directly on it.

Purchase of air tickets to Montenegro


Rental of property

Almost all announcements about the rental of villas and apartments in Montenegro are submitted by individuals, not by agencies. Owning one or more apartments is simply not profitable to create your own website with a rental offer, and therefore he is forced to use the services of intermediaries.

If you book a property in Montenegro through a service like Booking or AirBnr, you are guaranteed to overpay. This is due to the fact that the landlord has to pay for placement on an international site (about 500 euros per year), as well as pay a commission of 15% -20% of each booking.

Ads for the delivery of apartments in large quantities appear on local sites. Many of them work for free, and therefore real estate owners do not mortgage all their costs into the rent. It is best to look for an apartment on one of these sites, using an interpreter.

The huge advantage of this option is that local sites are designed for local, and not for foreigners. Prices for them are significantly different from tourist.

It is advisable to contact the owner of the property directly by phone or via e-mail. Do not be afraid to ask about discounts, many Montenegrins gladly provide them.


Acquisition of real estate

For the purchase of real estate in Montenegro, the buyer's personal presence is required. Foreigners who purchase residential properties remotely pay for the services of a trusted representative, that is, an intermediary.

Montenegrins rarely deal with selling apartments independently, trusting their realtors. Their services are estimated at 3-5% of the value of real estate. In the primary market, this percentage is usually paid by the seller, in the secondary market, the buyer almost always pays.

In order not to pay for the services of an intermediary, you can try to find an advertisement about selling an apartment on a local site, and then independently contact the owner of the apartment you like. Not the fact that he will agree to conclude a deal directly.

Buying a residential property in the primary market, you avoid spending for the services of an intermediary, but still pay a lawyer who checks the purity of documents and draws up an act of purchase and sale. It is not worth saving on notary services.

Buying a house in Montenegro

The housing in Montenegro is being acquired without intermediaries. This option of buying a property entails certain risks. Montenegrins actively use it, and construction in the country is thriving.

Buying an apartment or a house under construction, you not only save on the services of the intermediary, but also exempt from paying the tax on the real estate turnover. It is 3%. Details it is better to check with the developer.

Buying a land plot for building is almost impossible without an intermediary, as it requires obtaining several permits and agreeing a large number of documents. To save energy and time, it is wiser to entrust this issue to specialists.