Tivat - attractions of a picturesque resort

Tivat - attractions of a picturesque resort

Tivat - attractions of a picturesque resort

Tourist pearl on the Adriatic Sea will meet all comers to admire the incredible combination of mountains and bays with unique architectural monuments, high level of service and a great choice of accommodation for any budget. Rest in Tivat (Montenegro) is an excellent choice for those who want to luxuriate on the beach for hours (after all, this is the sunniest spot in the bay of Kotor), and also go in for water sports or rent a yacht.

Of course, very few people come to the beach resort of Tivat for the sake of historical attractions. But if you were lucky enough to be in this paradise, why not visit St. George's Island with the ancient Benedictine abbey or the top of St. Elijah, looking around the neighborhood from a height? To feel the grandeur of the pristine nature, be sure to stroll to the narrowest Boka-Verige Strait. A picturesque landscape of the island of Gospa-od-Shkrpjela - the Church of Our Lady, reflected in the watery surface surrounded by mountains - will forever remain in the memory of every traveler.

The city of Tivat (Montenegro) is favorably located for relatively frequented resorts and attractions, so it can be a starting point for traveling around the country. The closest is the medieval town of Kotor, in which the ancient architectural masterpieces compete with the beauty of nature: the fortress, the ruins on the beach, etc. The famous port of Porto is ideal for cycling. The best way to assess the sights of the country will allow an automobile journey through mountain serpentines.

City Kotor near Tivat

The tour will help to see and learn even more!

Choosing a resort Tivar in Montenegro for a holiday with your soul mate, friends or family, you can not only lazily bask in the beach or discover interesting places on your own, but also take advantage of the services of professionals. Local guides will tell amazing stories from the past, advise the best souvenir shops, show architectural and natural beauties that are not in the tourist guides.

If you want a leisurely relaxing holiday amidst an amazing nature, come to Tivat and other resorts in Montenegro, even in winter. At such a time you can not be afraid of the influx of tourists and give yourself a complete privacy away from the noisy megacities. You will see that this country is beautiful at any time of the year!