Fruit by season

What kind of fruit can be found in Montenegro?

Fruit by season

Montenegro is a warm country with a mild climate, in which all conditions for growing crops are created. Fruits grow naturally here, without the addition of harmful chemicals and pesticides. On the territory of Montenegro, there are almost no industrial enterprises that pollute the atmosphere. This means that the entire crop grown here is environmentally safe and healthy.


General information

Fruits and berries are sold in all Montenegrin shops, supermarkets, markets and street shops. Before buying it is worth comparing prices: the cost of fruit in a chain store is often lower than on a market counter. The cheapest fruits are sold in tourist areas.

For seasonal harvest, the price is reduced by about 3 times. For example, in the last days of September, 1 kg of mandarins can be bought for 0.8 euros, by the end of October - for 0.2 euros. Such prices are valid everywhere.

In summer, under the scorching sun, the fruits quickly deteriorate. Do not take them with you to the beach or keep on the heat. If you think that the purchased fruit has deteriorated, it is better to throw it away immediately.


Fruit by season


In December, a high season of citrus fruits is observed. This month begins to mature kiwi. The price for it is reduced by about 50 cents per kilogram.

January is the peak of the kiwi season every year. A lot of lemons and oranges appear in the country, mandarins and persimmon gradually ripen.

The end of the season of citrus fruits is in February. This month on the Montenegrin shelves you can find the last ripe lemons and kiwi.

Fruits in Montenegro in winter




With the advent of spring, the first strawberry appears. The rest of the fruit and berries are imported from abroad, in Montenegro there is practically no harvest.

In April, the peak of the strawberry season is celebrated. As in March, other local berries and fruits on the shelves are almost never met.

In early May, apricots appear in Montenegro. Strawberries are sold in shops, in some places you can find ripe cherries.



June is traditionally given not the most fertile period of the year. With the first summer month in Montenegro, there are only a few new fruits: peaches, figs (not ripe until the end) and nectarine. There are a lot of cherries and strawberries on sale. Watermelons are imported from abroad.

July is an ideal time for lovers of sweet fruits and berries. Cherries and cherries this month acquire the most intense taste, watermelons and melons are finally ripening, and the figs loved by holidaymakers are beginning to be sold in every market.

For July there is a season of pears, apples, plums, quinces and many berries. On the shelves you can find a large number of uncharacteristic for Montenegro fruit like mango, avocado and bananas.

Raspberry and blueberry ripen in August. In the south of the country, the first bunches of grapes are on sale, peaches and nectarines are still actively sold, and the fig begins to acquire a rich purple hue. To try it, you do not have to go to the market. In August, figs grow almost everywhere.

Summer fruits in Montenegro

In the last summer month melons ripen. They are divided into two varieties: the first have a yellowish shade from the outside, the second are characterized by dark strips, a smooth surface and an elongated shape. The most popular is the second grade.



With the advent of autumn, the season of pomegranate and strawberry begins. On sale again there are tangerines, in the markets still it is possible to find grapes, in shops many quinces are on sale.

Experienced travelers recommend to come to Montenegro in September, when you can taste the most sweet and tasty figs here. They say that it tastes like honey.

In October, a persimmon begins to ripen in Montenegro. It still gives tartness, but gets a bright color and becomes soft. Together with persimmon on the shelves you can see pomegranate and grapes. The second autumn month traditionally becomes the peak of the season of mandarins.

November is the best time for persimmon lovers. This month in Montenegro definitively ripen citrus: lemons, oranges, tangerines. Grenades are still there, but not in huge quantities.