How and where to pay the tourist tax (tax) in Montenegro?

Registration of tourists in Montenegro (Budva, Kotor, Bar, Tivat) in 2018

How and where to pay the tourist tax (tax) in Montenegro?

Montenegro is a small hospitable country located in Europe. Tourists come to it for the warm Adriatic Sea, beautiful mountain landscapes and natural attractions. Below we describe the process of registration of tourists in Montenegro, as well as discuss all the fees and taxes that must be paid by tourists.


What you need to travel to Montenegro

A trip to Canorgoria In the summer season for citizens of the CIS countries in Montenegro, a visa-free regime. Each year, the requirements and permitted dates of stay in this country change.

In 2018, a visa-free regime for citizens of the Russian Federation is valid from April to October, that is, during the entire tourist season.

Despite the absence of the need to obtain a visa, foreigners wishing to rest in Montenegro still need to undergo bureaucratic procedures. These include tourist tax and tourist registration.


Tourist tax in Montenegro

For each day of stay in this country you must pay. The amount of tourist tax in Montenegro depends on the specific city and resort. In touristy developed places (Budva, Tivat, Kotor) the amount of the fee equals 1 euro per day from the rest. In less popular places, it decreases slightly: in Herceg Novi, you need to pay 0.9 euros per person, in Ulcinj it costs 0.7 euros per day. The fee for children from 12 to 18 years is halved.

If you book a hotel online, most likely, the amount of tourist tax is already included in its price. It is better to find out in advance by writing a message to the hotel administration.


Who is exempt from tourist tax

Tourist tax not subject to:

  • children under 12;
  • disabled people;
  • foreigners who have real estate in Montenegro;
  • relatives of property owners;
  • tourists who arrived in the country for more than 90 days and have a visa.


Where to pay tourist tax

Tourist tax can be paid:

  • at the post office;
  • in the bank;
  • at the travel agency.

It is important to note that not all travel agencies accept travel fees. In many of them it can only be paid in a cashless way.

Tourist tax in Montenegro

How is the tourist tax paid

To pay the tourist tax takes no more than 5 minutes. If you decide to pay in a bank or by mail, then you need to:

  • provide the cashier with your passport;
  • say exactly what you pay for;
  • specify the number of days of stay in Montenegro.

After the cashier will issue a one-time paper, with which you will need to go to the tourist office for registration. It is important to keep the document before leaving the country. It may still have to provide the border guard.


Registration of tourists in Montenegro

Any foreign citizen arriving in Montenegro for rest is required to go through the registration process. Once it was accompanied by the issuance of "White cardboard" - paper, which was made out in a couple of minutes and gave the tourist the right to be in Montenegro. Now travelers are not issued such a document, but they still have to register.


Why do I need to register

Tourist registration in Montenegro has two main tasks:

  • to collect money from the rest, which will go to the state treasury;
  • control the movement of tourists in the country.


What does the law say

The process of tourist registration is regulated by Montenegrin law. He says that any foreigner arriving in Montenegro must register with the travel agency. According to the law, this must be done within 24 hours after arriving in a foreign country. If the arrival falls on a weekend or a holiday, then a foreigner is given 3 days to register. Registration must take place at the place of stay in Montenegro. A tourist registers for every day of his planned holiday.


Who is responsible for registration

As a rule, most often registration is done not by the tourists themselves, but by the owners of the housing where they stay. This is also regulated by law. It states that all Montenegrin citizens who provide residential space for tourists on legal grounds must register their guests on their own. They have 12 hours to do this. In most cases, apartment owners immediately ask their guests to present them with a passport. If you are not asked to do this, remind the landlord of the registration. After that, it is also advisable to make sure that he has performed all the necessary operations.

Those who come to Montenegro on a tourist voucher also do not need to worry about registration. They are registered in advance by the tour operator.

Registration of tourists in Montenegro

Foreigners who arrive in Montenegro without a tour package and are not going to stay in an official hotel or hotel should register on their own. Upon arrival at the hotel, it is advisable to immediately ask if its owners have a license. To avoid self-registration, you should look for apartments not on local, but on international sites.


How to register

You can register at any tourist office. To do this, you must have with you:

  • passport;
  • a check about the fee (if you do not fall under the category of citizens who are exempt from payment);
  • a document confirming membership in the preferential category (this applies to those who are exempt from paying the tourist tax).

After submitting the documents you need to inform the office employee the address of the hotel and the date of your planned stay in Montenegro. For registration will be charged an amount of 1 euro per person.

As tourists say, the registration process takes no more than 5 minutes. As a rule, it takes longer to wait in line.


Where to register

As we said above, foreigners are registered in the tourist bureaus, which are in all Montenegrin cities. Most often they are small stalls or offices with a separate entrance. Almost always, they adorn the sign " TURIST INFO". Below we will mark on the map the location of each such office in all popular tourist areas of Montenegro.








Herceg Novi







Is it possible not to pay the fee and not to register

Theoretically, you can not follow the rules and forget about the tourist collection and registration. However, when leaving Montenegro, you will have to pay a fine of 200 euros. This size of the sanction is approved by law. According to some tourists, fines are not imposed on all and not always.


What to do if I did not have time / forgot to pay the fee and register

The outcome of such a situation depends on the mood of the bank employees, the post office or the travel agency. Some do not pay attention to it. Others write fines and send forgetful foreigners to the inspector. In practice, for such a violation of some tourists even expelled from the country.


What if I'm going to live in different places

According to the law of Montenegro, every tourist must re-register in each city to which he arrives. Many bypass this rule by registering in one place for the entire stay, and then freely moving around the country. This saves time, which would have to spend on repeated trips to tourist centers, waiting in lines and all bureaucratic procedures.

Registration center for tourists of Montenegro

What if I want to combine the rest in Montenegro with a trip to a neighboring country

For example, you registered in Montenegro for a period of 30 days, and in the middle of your journey decided to go to a neighboring country. In this case, you definitely need to bring a receipt for payment of tourist tax. If you do not do this, you may have problems when leaving home. When you return to Montenegro from a neighboring country, you will not have to pay the fee again.



Tourist registration is a compulsory procedure for all foreigners arriving on holiday in Montenegro. Tourist tax is not collected from certain categories of citizens. You can pay at any bank or at the nearest post office, and there are special travel agencies for registration. For lack of registration and non-payment of the fee will be charged a fine of 200 euros. We recommend you not to forget about the payment and registration, because both of these procedures are controlled by Montenegrin border guards.