Holidays with a child in Augusta

How to relax with a baby in Montenegro in August

Holidays with a child in Augusta

August is the last month of summer vacations and the long-awaited time of holidays, which many combine with a trip to the sea. This article is devoted to rest with a child in August in one of the most accessible and picturesque European countries - Montenegro.


Montenegro Accommodation

Housing - the first thing to take care of, going on a summer vacation in Montenegro with a child. In high season, all rooms in hotels are quickly sold out, and apartments and villas are booked for months ahead.

To find a comfortable accommodation option in August, the search should start as early as possible. When choosing it is important to pay attention to the remoteness of housing from the beach. It is worth thinking about the power system.

Some Montenegrin hotels position themselves as family. They are in quiet places and provide all conditions for recreation with children: sports grounds, small swimming pools, highchairs in restaurants, etc.


Weather Montenegro

August is the hottest month on the Adriatic coast. The air temperature often exceeds the 29C ° mark. In Montenegro, there are rarely rains, for days on end the sun shines hard.

In such weather conditions, a child can get a sunstroke or a burn in just 20 minutes. To prevent this, it is important to let the child get used to the August heat. To do this, it is enough to slowly increase the number of hours spent in the sun every day.

In August in Montenegro, you should not take the child out at 12 noon, when the sun is at its zenith. Ideal time for a trip to the beach or a walk will be the morning hours and evening time.

Holidays with children in Montenegro 


Beaches Montenegro

Coming to Montenegro in August, do not expect to rest on the deserted beaches. In this summer month they are all filled with vacationers.

Pebble Adriatic coast can not be called an ideal place for children's bathing. To fence off the baby from injury, it is advisable to buy special shoes for him. It is called crocs or rubberized slippers. In August they are sold in all stalls.

Such children's shoes are useful even for those who are going to swim exclusively in the sand areas. Perhaps in one day your favorite beach will be completely filled with holidaymakers, and you will have to immediately look for another one.

In August, Montenegro has the highest water temperature, but this does not guarantee that the child will be warm and comfortable in it. It is advisable to think about what he will do on land. Many Montenegrin resorts have children's playgrounds that attract kids.

Many babies swallow salt water during bathing, and then feel bad. To protect your child from an ailment, it is worth to know in advance about the location of the nearest medical facility.

For security reasons, before traveling abroad, you can apply for an insurance policy that will allow you to get free assistance in case of trouble.

 Children's holiday in Montenegro

Food Montenegro

In August, Montenegro has an impressive number of cafes and restaurants. Some of them have a special children's menu.

In summer, fresh salads and vegetables are served in the institutions of Montenegro, they cook lean fish and meat, and prepare nourishing soups. All these dishes practically do not contain fat and spices, but because most children like them.

In August, melons, peaches, apricots, nectarines, raspberries and blueberries are growing in Montenegro. Buying fruits and berries at local markets, one can not doubt their freshness and environmental friendliness.


Entertainment Montenegro

In Montenegro, there are two main attractions for children. Both of them are open in August.

Adventure Park - a place where you can hide from the debilitating heat and have fun. The rope park offers 6 children's routes of different difficulty levels. All of them are checked and safe. In August, all the amusements are in the park: paintball club, ATV rental center, shooting range for archery, etc.

The Becici Water Park is open throughout the summer. It is equipped with various slides and children's attractions, several small pools and even a channel that mimics the river. For children from 3 years old it has a separate play area.