News of Montenegro

The best news portals in Montenegro

News of Montenegro

Montenegro is of considerable interest to the Russian-speaking population. Someone is going to rest here, others are thinking about investing in local real estate, others are going to immigrate. All of them need to keep abreast of the current news of the country. In this article we will answer the question about where to read the news about Montenegro.


"Montenegro Today" (

"Montenegro Today" is an information and news portal that pursues non-commercial goals. Its main task is to acquaint all comers with Montenegro and current events that take place within this country.

The site has several sections. One of them is reserved for news. Most often they are devoted to politics, current events and finances. Sometimes on the portal you can see news reports from the field of culture, automotive subjects, society, ecology, medicine, etc. All entries are divided into subcategories for easy searching and reading.

News of Montenegro is taken from authoritative sources. Administration assures that Russian-speaking visitors to the site receive all the same information as indigenous people on local resources. The most important events and announcements are marked with the sign "News of the day".

Many information articles and reviews on the site are written by tourists, but access to the publication of news is available only from the administration. It carefully checks the reliability and relevance of all news messages.

News of Montenegro 


Balkan Pro (

Balkan Pro positions itself as an Internet representation of the investment market of the Balkan Peninsula. On its website are published the news of Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia.

Despite its investment focus, the project pays attention to a variety of news from the life of the country: the real estate market, investment, climate change, travel, economics, business, politics and society.

Usually on the portal Balkan Pro appears on several news bulletins for the day. Users can comment on them and share the most interesting posts on social networks.


"Rambler" (

"Rambler" - one of the best Russian-language news agencies, allowing to share opinions about what has been read. It has a separate rubric, combining all the current events in Montenegro.

Most of the news is accompanied by photographs and video materials. Often they are taken from printed and other reliable sources that come out in Montenegro itself.

Most of the news is devoted to the topic of politics. Much attention is paid to the relationship between countries, including between Montenegro and Russia.

Montenegro's news portals 


RT in Russian (

"RT in Russian" is another site that publishes urgent news from the life of various countries. The news portal has a page in Facebook, on which all the records are duplicated.

The site regularly receives fresh information from the field of Montenegrin politics, science, sports, art, finance and business. A considerable number of entries are devoted to relations between Montenegro and Russia, events that have occurred with Russian tourists, etc.

The site has a high attendance and activity of users. That is why the comments to the majority of entries are heated discussions.


Bravica (

Bravica - a major news portal, which highlights the most important events from the life of different countries. Among them is Montenegro.

The peculiarity of the site is that all the news that is published on it is taken from outside sources. Thanks to this Bravica can be called the most convenient and extensive resource for searching and tracking current events.

All news for publications is taken from the portals we described above. The administration always indicates a reference to the source, which confirms the authenticity of the published materials.

Montenegro's news portals