Mareus Restaurant

Restaurant "Mareus" in Montenegro

Mareus Restaurant

The restaurant "Mareus" (Konoba Marius) occupies a special place among the establishments of Kotor with traditional Montenegrin cuisine. This place receives dozens of enthusiastic reviews from visitors every year. Below we will talk about all the features of the restaurant, making it so popular among holidaymakers.



Konoba Marius - one of the few establishments located right by the water, on the shore of Kotor Bay, which is considered one of the most picturesque in the whole Adriatic. The restaurant is located between the cities of Kotor and Prcanj.

 Mareus Restaurant in Montenegro

The institution is located far from the most passable place in Kotor. Travelers have to get to it on foot or by car. The road runs through the fjord and can be difficult for inexperienced drivers.

Panorama, which can be seen from the terrace of the institution, completely compensates for all the costs of a difficult road. Some tables of the restaurant "Mareus" are literally a meter from the sea, which is especially pleasant on a hot summer day. Going to dinner at this institution, it is better to take warm clothes with him, because in the evening on the beach can be cool.



Menu of the restaurant MareusKonoba Marius - a typical institution for Montenegro, which specializes in dishes of Mediterranean cuisine. The menu is dominated by fish and meat delicacies, as well as refined dishes with the addition of cheese and other fermented milk products.

Seafood dishes are a real hit of "Mareusa". This institution serves different types of mussels, oysters, crabs, lobsters, crabs, lobsters. Some tourists who visited the restaurant Konoba Marius, admit that in it they tried the best fish dishes for their entire journey.

In this institution you can also try any dishes of Montenegrin cuisine: chorbu, meat under the sauce, prshut, Negush steak. In the menu there are classic desserts for Montenegro like pancakes with stuffing, oriental pies, rolls with nuts and raisins.

Most of the dishes are served with a side dish: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers. Guests of the institution appreciate the size of portions. Many admit that they could not finish eating the dish served by him.

In the menu there are also usual European dishes, however their quantity is limited. Visitors to the "Mareus" are offered spaghetti, hamburgers, vegetable salads, cakes - everything that is most familiar to foreigners.

Restaurant Konoba Marius has an extensive wine list. A special place in it takes Vranac - the most popular Montenegrin alcohol. In the institution you can order dry red and white wines of good aging.


Price list

Prices in the restaurant Konoba Marius is slightly higher than in other establishments in Kotor. According to visitors, the prices here are at an acceptable level and fully justify the quality of the dishes and their serving.

The owners of the restaurant claim that they use only environmentally friendly products for preparation, which is typical of most local establishments. The increased cost of food is also justified by the excellent sea view, which opens almost from all the tables.


Service, atmosphere, visit details

Rest in the restaurant MareusThe restaurant Konoba Marius employs friendly and unobtrusive waiters who understand Russian and English. The visitors of the establishment, who left positive comments about it, highlighted the professionalism of the employees.

The interior of the restaurant is not distinguished by outstanding features, it is dominated by wooden elements, devoid of luxury. The atmosphere in the institution is created due to the quiet music and surrounding natural landscapes.

Sometimes for the visitors of "Mareus" live music evenings are arranged. There is no exact schedule of speeches, but most often they are held on weekends and holidays.

In the evenings, the restaurant is filled with vacationers, and finding a free table may not be so easy. In high season it is desirable to book a place in advance. From late September to early May, Konoba Marius is often empty, which has a positive effect on the speed of service and serving dishes.