Old Town in Budva

Old Town in Budva: history, sights, modern look

Old Town in Budva

Old Budva is a well-preserved corner of ancient Mediterranean architecture, located in the center of the popular Montenegrin resort. Everyone who comes to Budva, strives to get here: take a walk through winding streets, go to one of the churches, enjoy the scenic landscapes.


History Old Budva

Old Budva is surrounded by a fortress wall, built by the Venetians in the 15th century. For centuries, the city was within the fortress walls. Budva began to build up only in the 80's, when it became a tourist resort. In 1979, a powerful earthquake struck Montenegro, which caused some of the buildings of the Old City to suffer. Now they are restored.


Landmarks Old Budva


The Citadel is the most important architectural landmark of the Old Town in Budva. In ancient times, local people hid in it from enemies, now tourists come here.

Citadel in the Old Town, Budva

Every year the Citadel becomes the venue for the festival "Grad-Theater". On this holiday Montenegrin and foreign actors come. In the summer in the inner courtyard of the Citadel, musical concerts are held and theater performances are arranged.

On the territory of the Citadel there is the Maritime Museum. It is also home to the Archaeological Museum. The library, located right next to the Citadel, stores old books that tell the story of the country. For tourists, there are cafes and restaurants.

From the observation platform of the Citadel, located at its very top, offers a beautiful view of the sea coast, mountains and the resort itself. You can study it through telescopes, which are several here.



Churches in the Old Town, BudvaThe territory of Old Budva contains several churches and temples, both Catholic and Orthodox.

The Church of St. John is the most popular of all. It is remarkable for its highest bell tower in the resort. To this church adjoins the episcopal court.

The Catholic Church of the Holy Virgin Mary is considered the oldest in Budva. Now it officially does not work and only occasionally opens the doors for all comers. Due to its excellent acoustics, this temple is used as a venue for musical events.

The Church of St. Sava is another church of Old Budva, erected at the request of believers. The structure is remarkable for its monumentality. In this temple you can see fragments of ancient frescoes, which date back to the XII century.

In Old Budva there is also the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 1804. It still holds services. The church is decorated in Byzantine style. It is interesting for its luxurious iconostasis, reminiscent of a bygone era of baroque.


Gallery of Modern Art

Gallery of Modern Art in Budva was opened in 1972. At the moment, it stores 218 works of art. Here you can admire the creations of Petar Lubard, Milo Milunovic, Tabuchio and other authors from Europe and Asia. The gallery is notable for a large collection of works by popular expressionists. They are part of its permanent exhibition.


Old Budva now 

Modern Old BudvaAlthough Old Budva is of immense historical value, it still remains a residential area. Most of the buildings are used for utilitarian purposes: on the ground floors there are shops and restaurants, above are local or tourists.

Life in Old Budva always boils. There are constantly held arts festivals, exhibitions of artists are organized, poetry evenings are organized. Walking in the afternoon or evening Old Town, you can listen to local street musicians, who become especially numerous during the tourist season.

Several shopping centers are open on the territory of Old Budva. On local streets you can always find interesting souvenirs and handmade imitations. Inside the Old Town, until late evening, there is an antique market where you can bargain and buy non-personal items at half price.