Budva Montenegro photo: what to see

Budva Montenegro photo: what to see

Budva Montenegro photo: what to see

Rest in Budva (Montenegro) is a luxury beach on the Adriatic coast with cozy embankments and dozens of friendly cafes. A small cozy town rightfully bears the title of one of the most sought-after tourist centers. The variety of beaches and amazing resemblance to the famous Saint Tropez have glorified the resort area as the Budva Riviera.

City of Budva for touristsThe city of Budva Montenegro is located two dozen kilometers from Kotor, a convenient traffic intersection makes it accessible for any type of travel. Conditionally Budva is divided into two parts: the Old, known as the historical heart and center, and New Budva with modern urban ensembles (entertainment complexes, hotels, business centers).

Departing with a tour of Budva, you will see an amazing symbiosis of ancient tradition and modern culture. This is a place where a great story can be seen at every step: ancient churches are replaced by magnificent squares, luxurious mansions - religious monuments.

In the summer, tours to Montenegro Budva diverge without having time to appear, and the beaches located near the center are constantly crowded with tourists. But you can still find less crowded places. Most tourists visit open beaches, but there are also private ones with comfortable loungers, a network of cafes and exciting activities.

Best holiday in Montenegro

You can view all the beauties and plunge into the atmosphere of the city, only staying here for a few days, but if you have limited time, it is better to book sightseeing tours to Budva in Montenegro. They necessarily include visits to the most significant and picturesque monuments of history and architecture.

Church of St. Mary of the 9th centuryThe review begins with the ruins of the 5th century basilica. This is an almost destroyed majestic structure, which opens for tourists ancient mosaics of more than 1,500 years old. The Church of St. Mary of the IX century introduces the history of religion in unique artifacts, skilful paintings and ancient frescoes.

Medieval architecture is represented in a variety of styles, which are perfectly illustrated by architectural masterpieces: St. Stephen's Church and the Church of the Holy Trinity. Located within walking distance, they emphasize the greatness of their era.

But the most significant and famous monument, as well as the symbol of the city is the Citadel. Mighty fortress, located on a rock and surrounded from all sides by sea waters, is something for which it is worth to visit the city for at least a few hours and make picturesque photos of Budva (Montenegro).

Go to Budva! Even a few hours in this city will be remembered for your whole life.