Berane - Montenegrin city-resort


Berane is a Montenegrin city with a well-preserved history and beautiful architecture. Berane is perfectly suitable for acquaintance with the historical and cultural heritage of the country, long walks and delicious meals.


Location Berane

Berane is a large city, which is based in the north-eastern part of Montenegro. It occupies an important historical region of the country. You can get to Berane by regular bus from Budva.

 Location of Berane in Montenegro


Climate Berane

In Beran reigns moderately continental climate. In the summer months, the temperature rises to + 35 ° C, in winter the thermometer drops to -30 ° C. In spring and summer, tourists with pleasure stroll through Beran and inspect local attractions, and with the advent of winter they go to the nearest ski resorts for active rest.

In the mountains surrounding Berane, in April there is snow everywhere, and the air temperature is on negative values. At the nearest seaside resorts at this time, the thermometer is already at + 20 ° C. This contrast of temperatures allows you to combine a rich holiday in the mountains with leisurely walks along the picturesque Adriatic coast.

The climate in Beran 


Leisure and city attractions Berane

By Beran you can walk all day, enjoying the atmosphere of this European city. It is filled with cozy shops and charming parks.

In a walk along Berane it is worth including a visit to the Freedom Monument. It is located in the east of the city, on the territory of the memorial park "Yasenovac". The monument is located on a mountain from which all Berane is seen.

In local cafes you can enjoy all the richness of traditional Montenegrin cuisine. Berane is famous for its vodka, which is served in any of its bars. Some establishments offer several varieties of this alcoholic product.

Polimsky Archeological Museum is located in the heart of the city, right by the main park. Its exposition consists of more than 9000 exhibits. All of them are divided into groups into ethnographic, archaeological, artistic, etc. The rich collection of the museum tells in detail about the history of Berane from the Mesolithic era to our times.

Archaeological collection is of greatest value. It includes precious ornaments, ceramic imitations, figurines and other household items used in the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Age.

In the collection of the Polimsky Museum you can find rare items of deer horns, amber jewelry, ancient Roman tombstones, medieval armor and other historically significant artifacts.


Neighborhood Berane

The monastery of Shudikov in BeranаNear Berane you can find several ski bases. They train in skiing and snowboarding, and also give out all equipment necessary for rest. In 15 km from Berane the well-known ski center "Lokve" is based. It is located at an impressive height of 1700 m above sea level. This ski center is equipped with several ski lifts. Its main route stretches for 5 km.

Connoisseurs of ancient culture will like the Church of St. George, located just 2 km from Berane. It was built in the XIII century. The temple staunchly opposed the conquest of the Turks and survived the First World War. In 2001, local authorities decided to reconstruct its partially preserved building. Now the church is open for visits.

The monastery of Shudikova is another religious landmark located near Berane. Archaeologists have established that the monastery was erected between the XIII-XIV centuries. Once he served as a refuge for the Budimlyan diocese. In times of attacks from enemies, monks hid holy books, Orthodox icons and other religious values ​​near the monastery.

Tourist shops in Berane sell tickets for excursions to the neighboring settlements of Bihor and Torino. Some of them include not only an excursion program, but also participation in excavations, which are still conducted in these historically significant settlements.