Montenegro for children

Features of recreation in Montenegro with children

Montenegro for children

Montenegro for children can be just as attractive as for adults. The azure sea, the bright sun, beautiful nature - all this attracts little children, schoolchildren and teenagers who come here on vacation with their parents.


Holidays with children: the pros and cons


Montenegro is on the list of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world. In its territory, enterprises that pollute the environment are almost completely responsible. The air and sea in Montenegro are clean, and all products are absolutely safe for consumption. Even a week's stay in this country has a positive effect on the child's well-being and mood.

The sea is a huge plus for tourists with children and the main entertainment for small holidaymakers. In Montenegro, there are beaches for every taste: pebbly, sandy (there are only a few), secluded, municipal. Children happily splash in the water and frolic on the beach. In the high season, they always find their companions. Near the beaches are often located playgrounds, in some areas there are water slides.

Montenegrins themselves treat children with special warmth and tenderness. A small child here is never scolded or hurt, on the contrary, it is always reassured and protected. Montenegro is a safe country for traveling with children, where they will only be happy.

Rest in Montenegro for children 



Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea, in which there are underwater currents. Sometimes the water suddenly cools and remains cold for several days. Children feel it and stubbornly refuse to swim. To the delight of adults, the sea quickly warms up to standard temperature.

Montenegro may not like parents who are used to relaxing in resorts with a high level of service. The fact is that the tourist direction in this country is just beginning to develop, and therefore not all hotels and institutions can guarantee high-quality service. Hotels rarely work on the "all inclusive" system, and tourists are most often populated in a rented apartment, where they serve themselves.

Not all children appreciate the Montenegrin national cuisine, which is based on meat, fish, seafood, bakery products and dairy products. In local shops, the usual cereals are not sold, they are only in special departments of healthy nutrition. In the menu of Montenegrin institutions it is rare to see children's or dietary dishes.


Best places to relax with children

Becici is an excellent holiday resort with a small child. Many hotels and apartments here are located on the first coastline, a couple of minutes walk from the well-kept beach. People in Becici are noticeably smaller than in neighboring Budva. For children there is a lot of entertainment: slides, sports grounds, trampolines. A few km from the resort there is a water park with children's attractions.

Ulcinj is a suitable place for children and their parents. This resort is famous for its many kilometers of sandy beach with warm and clear water. In Ulcinj, the infrastructure is well developed, there are shops, pharmacies, restaurants and cafes. The only drawback of this resort is that it is located at a distance of 84 km from the airport of Tivat. The trip from the airport to the city of Ulcinj takes 1.5 hours by taxi and costs about 100 euros.

Where it is better to have a rest with children in Montenegro?

Parents with already grown up children can choose for recreation Tivat, in which the famous children's camps, including the Junior Club, operate. This camp offers tourists a rich excursion and entertainment program, consisting of quests, sports, contests, animations, themed events and night gatherings around the campfire. While the child is having fun in the camp, parents can have a good rest in Tivat: sunbathe and buy on local beaches, go for historical sights, go on excursions.

In order not to be disappointed in Montenegro, it is better not to choose Budva (too noisy and crowded) for traveling with children, Kotor (there are no comfortable beaches), Podgorica (there is no access to the sea), Gergets Novi (the city consists of descents and ascents) and any of remote areas of the country. The resorts of Sutomore, Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Petrovac and Bar can be good options for a comfortable and interesting holiday.