Durmitor - a resort in Montenegro


Durmitor is the main national park of Montenegro and one of the many natural treasures of the country. On the territory of this place there are more than 20 mountain peaks with a height of more than 2200 m. There are more than 1500 varieties of vegetation and over 300 species of animals.


How to get there

Durmitor is located in the north-western part of Montenegro and occupies an impressive area of ​​390 km ².

 How to get to Durmitor

Public transport is running from Budva and Kotor to Durmitor. The bus leaves only once a day, so it's better to think about buying tickets in advance.

A natural park can be reached by a rented car. Since it is located in the highlands, you will not need a too large car with a powerful engine. The journey will take 4-5 hours.


Tourist objects

Bobotov Cook

Bobot Cook is the highest point of the whole mountain system of Durmitor and Montenegro in general. This natural landmark is located in the heart of the national park and the rock mass of the same name.

The summit is at an altitude of 2523 m. In favorable weather, Lovcen mountain, located almost at the other end of Montenegro, can be seen from it. From the top you can even see the peaks of Serbia.

Four routes have been laid for Bobotov Kuk. Before conquering the summit, it is advisable to choose the optimal road for yourself. Walking back and forth takes from 3 to 7 hours, depending on the route chosen and physical fitness.

On the way to Bobotov Kuku tourists enjoy fantastic mountain scenery, breathe the cleanest air and inspect the local flora.

Right at the foot of the mountain there is a restaurant of traditional Montenegrin cuisine. Vacationers like to visit him after climbing and share their impressions of what he has seen.

Bobotov Cook, Durmitor



Black Lake

Black Lake is located in the highland part of Durmitor National Park. This natural object can be seen on the way to Bobotov Kuku.

The lake is surrounded by a mountain range and coniferous forests. From its shores, beautiful views of the pristine nature of this area.

The water in the Black Lake is always colder than the air temperature by about 4 ° C, so not all dare swim in it. The water here is so transparent that, if the weather is favorable, it is visible at 9 m.

Around the lake there are shops where you can have a good rest and enjoy all the beauty of this place. Nearby there are bicycle paths, on the shore there are boats for rent.


Canyon of the River Tara

The territory of the canyon is on UNESCO's list of protected sites. This canyon is considered the deepest in all of Europe. Its length reaches a mark of 80 km, the depth is about 1300 m.

Through the canyon lies the Djurdjevic Bridge, from which spectacular panoramas to the nearby countryside open. Tourists celebrate the extraordinary beauty of the bend of the Tara River - the place where it bends and takes the form of a huge horseshoe. Radius can be seen on the way to the bridge.

The canyon of the Tara River is popular with rafting and jumping dancers. Both entertainments are available to tourists for more than 5 years, during which no accidents happened here.

Canyon of the river Tara, Durmitor



Ice Cave

The ice cave lies at an altitude of 2180 m. It is a full-fledged natural museum filled with stalactites and stalagmites, some of which have been preserved here since ancient times.

In the cave there is always a minus temperature, thanks to which the ice deposits do not melt even in hot summer. Stalactites and stalagmites have different shapes and sizes. In the cave from everywhere dripping pure spring water.

The steep slope of the mountain, along which it is necessary to descend into the Ice Cave, requires special care and caution. The entrance itself is covered with ice all year round. Two corridors lead from the main entrance into the interior. For security reasons, it is advisable to visit this place as part of the excursion.


Lake of Piva

Along the shores of Lake Pivets, excellent conditions have been created for fishing, hunting for wild animals, cycling, swimming and diving. Local people believe that medicinal herbs grow in the area of ​​Lake Pivsky. Traditional Montenegrin teas are prepared from them.

The lake itself is notable for its clear water of emerald color. It was created artificially, during the construction of a dam here. Some compare this reservoir with Norwegian fjords. A serene atmosphere reigns on its banks. They also open beautiful landscapes.

Near the pond is the Pivsky Monastery, a significant cultural and historical monument of Montenegro. Once it was the center of the spiritual life of the entire region.

Pivske Lake, Durmitor


Saddle Pass

Saddle Pass is the highest mountain road in the country, located at an altitude of 1907 m. From any point of this place, dizzying panoramas to rocky gorges, white rocks, dense forests and virgin nature open.

Once this place was an untouched civilization, now it is actively developing tourism: for the rest, cozy taverns with open terraces are built, guest houses are open, bike rental outlets are open. Here you can ride a horse and even take a riding lesson.




Durmitor became the center of mountain tourism in Montenegro. In summer, its territory has excellent conditions for hiking and climbing. Here you can ride a horse, fly a paraglider or just stroll through the highlands, listening to the fascinating stories of the guide.

In winter, one of the areas of the national park becomes a full-fledged ski resort. It's called Savin Cook. This place has 3 routes of different levels of complexity. They are ideal for skiing and snowboarding. On the territory of the ski resort there are 8 lifts. Tourists can reach them by bus.

In the territory of Durmitor there are winter sports equipment rental points in the city. There are also ski schools for children of different ages and accompanying adults.

Active rest in Durmitor