When to have a better rest in Montenegro

The best time to relax in Montenegro

When to have a better rest in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country with a warm Mediterranean climate and blurred boundaries of tourist seasons. In this article we will find out when it is better to rest in Montenegro, guided by several important criteria.


Beach holidays

The swimming season in Montenegro opens in the second half of May, but the water this month still remains cold after the winter. With the advent of the first days of summer, the sea begins to warm up gradually and by the middle of the month it becomes comfortable for bathing.

Tourists are few, the city beaches are free, the entrances to private beach areas are still open for free access, and the water is clean and transparent - these are the main advantages of the June beach holiday.

In July and August, the country is very hot, and it's dangerous to stay on the scorching sun. In particular, this applies to young children who sometimes get sunburn.

Another disadvantage of a beach holiday at the peak of the season is too many tourists. It happens that there are not enough sun beds and umbrellas at all.

But in July and August on local beaches you can get the perfect chocolate tan, and in the intermissions between the sun baths you can cool in the sea.

In September, the water remains warm and pleasant, but noticeably becomes dirty. The first October colds do not have a long bath in the sea. But at this time on the beaches there are very few tourists, and vacationers can enjoy peace and quiet.

Rest on the beaches of Montenegro 



Those who are going to spend a vacation to examine the historical and cultural sights of Montenegro, like May. This month, the country is already beginning to conduct the first tours at affordable prices, and near the main tourist sites there are still no pandemoniums. The same situation is observed in June.

In July and August, any tour can be purchased at local sightseeing shops, but it is better to do it in advance: because of the large influx of tourists, they are quickly dismantled. The peak of the season is not very suitable for independent acquaintance with Montenegrin culture and history. Every day dozens of sightseeing groups and hundreds of individual travelers leave for the most popular tourist places of the country, because of which long queues form there.

September and October are the perfect time for visiting attractions. With the arrival of autumn in Montenegro, the velvet season begins: in the daytime the weather remains warm, in the evening the coastal zones envelop a pleasant coolness. Good weather and almost complete absence of tourist groups allow you to enjoy the sightseeing routes.



The second half of the summer is the most eventful time in Montenegro. July traditionally begins with the Barskaya Chronicle, in which artists, actors and other artists come to the country. In July about 10 similar events are held in Montenegro. Parallel to them, tastings and sports are held.

In the last month of summer in Montenegro, a carnival is organized, a swimming marathon is organized, several international festivals are held. In Ulcinj the Fish Night passes, which is accompanied by a tasting of local delicacies, dances and performances. The August rally on jeeps attracts a huge number of tourists and indigenous people.

Viewing Montenegro's sights 


Price list

In May and June, prices in Montenegro slightly increase together with the beginning of the tourist season. In July and August, when the number of tourists in the country reaches a maximum, the prices increase dramatically. This applies to everything: long-distance transport, local taxi drivers, rental of housing, air tickets, souvenirs and even lunches in restaurants. With the advent of September, prices fall to May and June.


The result

The best month for a trip to Montenegro is warm June. Its only drawback is not too rich entertainment program, which can be filled with a full sightseeing and relaxed holiday on the seashore.