The coast of Montenegro

The coast of Montenegro

The coast of Montenegro

Almost all resorts of Montenegro stand on the coast and offer tourists excellent conditions for beach holidays. Below we will talk about the cities of the Montenegrin coast, worthy of attention of tourists.


Montenegro: map of the coast

The Montenegrin coast stretches for 75 km along the Adriatic Sea. Most of its territory is covered with small pebbles, sometimes there are sandy areas, even more rarely you can see the territory strewn with sharp boulders.

All the resorts, which will be discussed below, can be viewed on the map:

 Beach resorts in Montenegro



Budva is the most visited place in the country. The beaches here are located both near the historical center, and on the outskirts. They are divided into pebble, sand and rock. The Slavic beach is the most popular of all. The entrance fee is not charged, it is well equipped and located in a place convenient for most holiday-makers.



Tivat - the only resort of the Montenegrin coast, in which there is an airport. The Blue Horizon Beach has a well-developed infrastructure and attracts holidaymakers with shallow pebbles mixed with sand. Not far from it is the island of St. Nicholas, which can be reached by leased water transport.



Kotor is a resort located on one of the most picturesque bays of all Montenegro. Almost all the beaches here are small and slightly different from each other. The standard width of the local beach is 15 m, the length is 1 km. The entrance to many of them is available either from the pier or from the pontoon. Beaches are strewn with pebbles and sand, there are almost no stones in the sea.

 Kotor - the beach of Montenegro


Perast is a city more known for its historical and cultural attractions, and not proximity to the sea and good conditions for beach hanging. The beaches here are mostly concrete and pebble. The average length of the beach area is 320 m. Beaches of Perast like to jump into the water. In the sea there is a strong current, which is not always suitable for holidaymakers with children.


Herceg Novi

Bathing in Herceg Novi, located on the picturesque shore of Kotor Bay, you can almost everywhere. Throughout the coastal line of this resort there are convenient approaches to the sea. Many people like to dive from them into the water. Local beaches are divided into pebble, concrete and mixed. There are no huge beach areas, some recreation areas are right next to the roadway.



Many inveterate travelers believe that the beaches of Petrovac, surrounded by olive groves, can be called the most beautiful in the entire Budva Riviera. Log into the sea on most of them gently sloping. In shallow water (3-5 m from the shore) children swim with might and main, adults go a little farther. Waves on the beaches of Petrovac almost does not happen, the water remains clear even in high season. Some belong to hotels and require entrance fees.



Bar abounds in beautiful bays and turquoise lagoons. The central beach of this town is stretched for 1 km and has all necessary equipment for rest. The other beach of Bar is covered with sand of a reddish hue, the third is surrounded by massive rocks. Along the coast of the resort area grow trees that fill the air with pleasant smells.

 Bar - the beach of Montenegro


Ulcinj is famous for its Great Beach, which is considered the longest on the whole Adriatic. Its length along the coast is as much as 13 km. In the northern part of Ulcinj, the mountains approach the sea, forming picturesque lagoons. They are happy to swim vacationers. In places in this resort there are wild beaches with a rocky surface.



The oldest city on the Montenegrin coast is Risan. Its pebble beach extends for 1 km along the Bay of Kotor. Occasionally there are sandy and concreted areas. Even in the high season on this beach you can find free places to relax. The beach sector is carefully cleaned and guarded.