Montenegro tour operator

Tour Operators in Montenegro

Montenegro tour operator

The tourism industry in Montenegro is constantly developing, and tour operators are becoming more and more. We will tell about the established companies, working mainly with vacationers from Russia.



R-Tours in MontenegroR-Tours is an experienced tour operator in Montenegro. For many years he is a strategic partner of several official tourism organizations of the country.

The company regularly organizes charter flights. The planes arrive in Tivat and Podgorica. The tour operator also deals with booking and selling tickets for any domestic and international flights.

R-Tours cooperates with hotels throughout the Adriatic coast. The tour operator inhabits holidaymakers in high-mountain hotels, arranges a full-fledged holiday at ski resorts, develops health-improving and sports programs.

R-Tours undertakes the organization of children's recreation. He selects camps, is responsible for the transfer, develops excursion programs and solves all organizational issues.

The company has its own online booking system, which quickly copes with large amounts of work. Thanks to the availability of such a system, the tour operator timely confirms applications, responds to inquiries and updates information about the availability of rooms in local hotels and places on flights.


Capricorn Travel

Capricorn Travel has more than 15 years of experience in organizing tours to Montenegro and other European countries. Unlike many other tour operators, he is engaged in the sale of vouchers throughout the year.

In addition to the standard leisure options, Capricorn Travel offers vouchers for high-altitude resorts, rich excursions and healing at the famous balneological resorts.

The wedding service is very popular. Specialists of the company arrange celebrations for every taste and budget.

The tour operator provides a 20% discount on early booking and periodically publishes information on the sale of burning packages. Regular customers are entitled to additional bonuses.

Capricorn Travel organizes flights to Montenegro from Russia and back. Tickets can be purchased both in advance and immediately before departure.


Biblio Globus

Although Montenegro is not a priority of the tour operator Biblio Globus, he regularly organizes tours to this Mediterranean country.

Operator Biblio Globus in Montenegro

The tour operator cooperates only with the proven Russian and Montenegrin companies. Among them are Aeroflot, S7 and Montenegro Airlines.

A huge selection of tours to the most diverse Montenegrin spas is one of the main advantages of the Biblio Globus. The tour operator has at least 5 different vouchers with departure from Moscow for every summer day.

Biblio Globus is actively engaged in the organization of wedding ceremonies. Like other tour operators, he arranges special trips for children, athletes, people with pathologies, etc. The company sells not only package tours, but also vouchers without a flight or ground transfer.



Tours to Montenegro from tour operatorsPAKS is the leading tour operator of the Adriatic coast. The organization of tours to Montenegro is one of the most priority activities of this company.

In Montenegro there is an official representation of the tour operator. It can be contacted with any questions and suggestions regarding recreation in this country.

PAKS is the official agent of Aeroflot. Almost all vouchers from the tour operator include a flight with this trustworthy company.

The tour operator selects individual tours based on the wishes of the tourists: hotel star, food system, the duration of the rest, the saturation of the excursion program, etc.

PAKS offers flexible rates for people with different financial opportunities. On the site of the tour operator there is a map of low prices, on which you can track and select the best options for recreation.

The company guarantees instant confirmation of an application for the purchase of a voucher and promptly sends all necessary documents for travel to the e-mail address of the tourist.