The recipe for Montenegrin Sach


Lamb from under the sauce is a real masterpiece of Montenegrin cuisine and one of the most recognizable dishes of the country. This meat dish is liked by almost all the indigenous inhabitants and guests of Montenegro. Below you will learn how to prepare this dish.


Features Sacha in Montenegro

Sach in Montenegro can not be tried anywhere. This dish is especially rare in coastal resorts. The real sich is being prepared in the northern regions of the country, where livestock feeds in the highlands. His meat is tasty and almost fat-free.

Without Sachs, not a single Montenegrin feast is possible. The indigenous people eat it by big companies and whole families. They sing songs, play musical instruments and congratulate each other on significant events, while simultaneously seizing all this with a hot Sach.



Sachet DishesIn another way, the lamb from under the Sacha is called simply Sach, that is, by the name of the vessel in which this dish is prepared. Satch is a huge cast-iron frying pan with a thick lid.

To prepare a meat dish, put the sachet on hot coals and cover it tightly. During the hours of cooking, the ingredients have time to soften and release the juice.

Satch is sold in boutiques of pottery and souvenir stalls. Having bought it, you can cook not only Montenegrin meat, but also other dishes, from pancakes to steaks.

The secret of the sauce is that the products placed in it are cooked in their own juice. They retain their odor, almost do not absorb fats and do not lose useful properties.



Meat is the basis of Sacha. To prepare this dish, you can choose any kind of meat or even stay for a few. Montenegrins use lamb, Muslims do not add pork to the dish. It is advisable to take meat on the bone, which will give more juiciness and taste.

To prepare the sache, you need potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions and garlic. You can add any other vegetables at your discretion. In the process of cooking, you need water and white wine. Salt, pepper and tomato paste will only enhance the juicy taste of meat. You can choose any other spices and additional ingredients that you like.


The recipe and the order of preparation

The recipe for cooking sachaSatch preparation begins with the preparation of meat. It should be cut into large pieces and marinated for several hours.

While the meat is marinated, you should prepare for the cooking process. In Montenegro, a stove is used to prepare the sachet. Some put the dish on the grill, others put it in the oven. In this case, the taste of the finished food is obtained differently.

The most accessible alternative to the traditional option will be the sac, cooked at the stake. Coals can be purchased at a special store or found independently.

Having dissolved a fire, it is possible to begin to clean and cut vegetables. It is advisable to do not too small pieces that quickly boil.

Before cooking it is important to let the dish warm up on the coals. This should be highlighted for at least 20 minutes. While the sache is warming up, you can start laying layers of meat in a baking tray (comes with the vessel).

From above they are covered with potatoes and other vegetables, and after salted and peppered. Then everything is flooded with water. It should completely cover the top layer of vegetables.

Satch is sold complete with tripod for tray. It must be placed on the coals, and on top of the pan. It is advisable to place the tripod in a horizontal position.

The resulting design should be covered with a sachet. It is important to do this carefully, remembering that a sound vessel weighs about 10 kg.

You need to put a hoop on the sach. He will not let the coal roll down. After the vessel it is necessary to cover it with coal.

The dish is cooked for one and a half or two hours, depending on the type of meat. During cooking, it is important to regularly check the temperature of the coals and the amount of water in the sachet.

The dish is ready when the meat begins to easily separate from the bones. If it is not so, it is worth boil it yet. Sach is served hot.