Is there a casino in Montenegro?

Montenegro is the second Las Vegas. Casino in Montenegro

Is there a casino in Montenegro?

Montenegro is located in the Balkans surprisingly beautiful and attractive country. And the essence of attraction is not only in the unforgettable beauty of nature, which combines the greenery of the mountains with very clean and well maintained beaches of the Adriatic sea. This country is rich in many ancient castles, parks, museums and much more.


Montenegro is the second Las Vegas

The main highlight of Montenegro is an inexpensive vacation. A lot of tourists come here not only to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature and see the sights, swim in the sea and sunbathe, but also to visit the casino, and they are in Montenegro a very large number.

In this country, at the legislative level, ideal conditions for the development of gaming business. The government of Montenegro has provided comfortable conditions not only for operators, but also for the players themselves. In this country there are more than five hundred casinos, so it is a Paradise for gambling people. This attracts many tourists to the country of mountains and, thereby, the state budget revenues grow. Every year this figure is actively increasing.

And now let's get acquainted with the most popular gambling establishments in Montenegro. They stand out clearly from other institutions and sometimes to compare them with urban attractions.

Casino in Montengro

Choose casino in Montenegro

Many travel companies arrange special casino tours, the essence of which is to attract as many gamblers as possible to visit casinos in Montenegro.

Introducing gaming establishments:

  • Casino “Podgorica” is located in the capital of the country.
  • Feel yourself in the role of elite and gambler you can in the casino “Avala”, which operates in the city of Budva. Expensive and luxurious atmosphere and service at the highest level and other great moments provide a great pastime and a unique atmosphere.
  • “Kotor” casino will help you to combine holiday and gambling.
  • In this city there is another interesting place, such as a hotel complex, which operates casino WIN.


The town of Budva is not one of the gaming house, it is not surprising, as the town has the Spa status. Popular except ”Avala“ are such casinos as Queen of Montenegro, Saint Stefan and Maestral, in which there is always a sufficient number of gamblers. Each gaming establishment has its own chip and highlight, so which of them is better to allocate quite difficult.


Online entertainment

Since the laws of Montenegro welcome any gambling, online games in the country are also very popular. I would like to note about this fact that the number of registered virtual gaming establishments Montenegro gave way to the leader only Malta. All of them are aimed at the European market and provide a wide range of different slots, roulette, card games.

A distinctive feature of online casinos in the mountain country is their high quality and very complex platforms on which they operate. Online casino gaming servers are located on the territory of the country, so the huge opportunities are used by both players and investors.

Casino in Montenegro


Montenegro is a Paradise for gamblers 

So for some reason, many gamblers prefer Montenegro than the more famous gambling establishments? Like all brilliant, the secret is quite simple. And this is that no matter what casino you visit you will be provided with a high-quality elite level of service, a comfortable atmosphere in which you will have a great opportunity to disconnect from all the problems.

The offered range in Montenegro casino is quite impressive. In his spare time from the game all players will find an interesting activity. This trip, sightseeing, swimming in the sea, outdoor activities and much more. Many rich people make orders for Charter flights to once a week to go to Montenegro to play in local casinos.