Surf in Montenegro

Features of surfing in Montenegro: places and resorts

Surf in Montenegro

Surfing in Montenegro is available on the lakes and on the sea coast.

Warm sea wind streams are best caught in Ulcinj, Budva, Sveti Stefan and Bar. There are kite surfers who are engaged in training on lake Shasco or Skadar lake.

On the warm Adriatic sea in addition to relaxing on the beach, many cafes and restaurants, there is many entertainment for tourists who prefer to spend time much more actively. Among the well-known entertainment on the coast, stand out such as: Windsurfing and kite surfing.


Extreme holiday season

Surfers start their season in mid-may, and it lasts until the end of September. At this time of the year, warm air masses that come from the sea, face the cold winds from the mountains, because of this, and create excellent conditions for surfing. One of the most popular places of riding are the beaches of Budva and Ulcinj, Kotor Bay, and the nudist beach of Ada Boyan. There is an Amateur Windsurfing club on Skadar lake.

In most resort cities there are stations to rent equipment for surfing, as well as use the services of a professional instructor. In the southern part of the country, near the city of Ulcinj, on one of the largest beaches of the coast, there is a Russian surf station. Summer, there are even thermal winds, which are perfect to conquer the waves. There is also a very wide coastline, where you can lay out the equipment and not to interfere with other tourists.

Surfing in Montenegro



It combined two activities: the management of sail and riding a surfboard — glide on the waves. Due to the high speed of movement, which is achieved due to the size of the sail and riding techniques, make not only steep turns, but also jumps, and other elements of acrobatics. Today, this sport is a popular sea entertainment for outdoor enthusiasts. To ride on a special Board with a sail, in addition to the equipment needed: free water and wind. Some types of boards provide a special trapezoid, which is a design to further attach the sails to the body. With a long stay in the water, it is desirable to use a wet suit, and for beginners still need a life jacket.


Where to study?

The sea coast of the country is ideal for Windsurfing. There are a lot of wide bays with constantly blowing wind, who are willing to learn this sport. For surfing, sailing mainly selected the most southern UlcinjAikido Riviera, but to go fit and other places: the Bay of Kotor, near Budva, and even lake Skadar. A great Windsurfing school is available on the beach of Ada Boyan, thanks to local instructors, even a beginner will be on the Board in a week, and in a month he will become a conqueror of the sea.


Where you can ride a sailing Board:

  • Bay of Kotor;
  • in settlements: Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor.

Place for skiing: Boca Bay of Kotor

Description: the Bay protects from strong winds.

 Surfing and windsurfing in Montenegro

Budva Riviera

Locality: Budva

Place for skiing: the main beaches of the Riviera.


Skadar lake

Locality: Bar

Place to ride: lake Skadar

Description: while not a very popular place, you can ride without a big wave.


Ulcinj Riviera

Locality: Ulcinj

Place for skiing: Big beach

Description: in the space of a 12-kilometer beach there are several surf stations that rent equipment.

Locality: the island of Ada Bojana

Place for skiing: Ada Boyana

Description: excellent conditions for Windsurfing, there is a school and rental equipment.



The price of surfing in MontenegroApproximate prices for equipment and equipment rental:

  • sailing Board, 1 hour-20 Euro,
  • sailing Board, 3 hours-50 Euros,
  • sailing Board, 6 hours-60 Euros,
  • sailing Board, 1 week-200 Euro,
  • sailing Board, extra week-100 Euro,
  • sailing Board, season ticket-1000 Euro,
  • wetsuit-5 euros per day,
  • a-line — €5 per day.


Wind feature:

  • In the morning the wind is not strong, which together with the low wave is ideal for learning the basics of skiing;
  • by 4-5 o'clock the wind increases and creates excellent conditions for experienced surfers.