Montenegro in december

Montenegro in December is a wonderful holiday!

Montenegro in december

Montenegro in December is a great place for outdoor activities and those who want to get the most impressions on the eve of the new Year holidays. In addition, at reasonable prices are very pleased. When folding things in a Luggage bag, be sure to bring insulated waterproof things and a couple of sets of warm clothes.


Tourist boom

The beginning of winter-the first week of December in the country of black mountains is associated with the influx of tourists. Take a rest ski resorts and trails — ski and snowboard season is open. The slopes are covered with a dense and thick layer of snow, the weather situation pleases all fans of winter sports with many Sunny days and an average temperature of +5 C. there are no strong winds on the slopes, avalanches are practically excluded. In December, the Montenegrin climate guarantees not only a pleasant but also a safe stay in the ski resorts.

In different parts of the country the weather in December is completely different. On the coast is still warm, the average temperature in the afternoon is +15°C and precipitation falls in the form of rain, and the temperature in the mountainous areas falls to-12ºC, there are often snowfalls and snow cover persists all winter.

 Winter in Montenegro

With regard to fruit

This is the traditional time of citrus and vitamin C. Ripen numerous oranges, tangerines and persimmons, slowly begin to ripen kiwi. Vacationers love making fresh orange juice, boiled tangerine jam and eaten lance whole boxes.


Entertainment and recreation

Although the beaches are already closed and the coast is deserted, to visit Montenegro in December will be interesting and useful. At this time, for fans of outdoor activities, new prospects are opening up.

You will remember a wonderful holiday for a long time, if you go to the mountain areas, where there is a beautiful white sparkling snow. Ski season in December is already in full swing, tourists are waiting for the snow-white mountains and plains, adrenaline, invigorating air and a lot of all kinds of entertainment.

You can go skiing or snowboarding from the slopes of the mountains, which are ideal for skiing slope, diverse terrain and long distance. The main resorts of Montenegro — Zabljak and Kolasin, they have instructors teaching winter sports.

You can also enjoy the beauty of nature in the local national parks and quietly explore all the local attractions. In December, numerous museums of Podgorica, Cetinje, Old Kotor and other cities also continue to work and delight tourists from different countries with their exhibits.

Winter resorts in DecemberFans of winter fishing will enjoy ice fishing in the lakes of Montenegro. And those who can not do without cultural events in their lives, will like to visit the following events:

  • “December days of culture in Podgorica” — literary evenings, theatrical performances and concerts.
  • Winter days of culture in Herceg Novi is a festival of classical music with the participation of orchestras and soloists of the Balkan region.
  • Wine and fish festival in Virpazar.
  • “The days of the Olive” at the Bar.

The weather in Montenegro is quite comfortable, and in addition to a quiet, peaceful and secluded holiday, tourists can enjoy the nature of this amazing country, as well as ski resorts. Zabljak and Kolasin are waiting for their guests just from mid-December.

In December everyone has the opportunity to visit the national holiday Maslinica. Here everyone can taste different varieties of olives, taste tangerines and oranges, try the bar (from the name of the city Bar) olive oil.

In Virpazar are days of wine and bleak. Guests can taste Montenegrin wine and taste various national dishes. In addition, this month hosts various festivals, such as the festival of classical music. In Podgorica, you can get to various concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions. At the end of the month the weather in Montenegro is warm enough and everyone will be able to get to the celebration of the New Year. It is very profitable to visit Montenegro in December, the prices are low not only for ski rental, but also for accommodation in hotels, especially at the beginning of the month.