Montenegro: interesting places and attractions

Montenegro: attractions and the best places for recreation

Montenegro: interesting places and attractions

Rest in Montenegro today is chosen by many of our compatriots. This is a young country in terms of tourism. Indeed, the prices of tours to Montenegro are often significantly lower than in other European countries, but at the same time the country is ready to give you a lot of things.

Montenegro is a country of incredible natural resources. It seems that the foot of man did not step among these majestic dark green forests and did not touch the icy waters of the local lakes. Coming here, you will not have a question about what to see in Montenegro. Just go explore the nearby parks, forests and ravines. However, be sure to have a company with reliable guides, as driving along winding mountain roads can be dangerous. But still, what are the main attractions of Montenegro?

The historic city of Kotor

Kotor is probably the most charming place in Montenegro. This is a medieval city with ancient streets, protected by UNESCO, surrounded by fortresses and a wall. Unlike neighboring Budva, there are fewer tourists here, and civilization has touched it weakly. If you are staying here, visit Perast, which is easily accessible by bus or taxi.
Getting there: by bus or taxi from Tivat and Budva airports.

The historic city of Kotor

Budva - city attractions

Located just 30 minutes from Kotor, Budva is the center of Montenegrin tourism. The city is 2500 years old and is known for its medieval wall, sandy beaches and rich nightlife. If the seclusion of Kotor is not for you, perhaps the noise of Budva, with its new trendy clubs and hotels, will please you more.
Getting there: from Tivat airport by taxi or bus.

National Park Lovcen

Lovchen is a great place. One of the main reasons to visit the national park is the mausoleum of Peter II Petrovich Njegos (1813-1851). He was the prince-bishop of Montenegro, a favorite political and cultural leader. He was buried on top of Mount Lovcen. To climb to the mausoleum, you need to overcome about 400 steep steps.
Despite the fact that the mausoleum is an important object exclusively for residents of Montenegro, this journey is definitely worth making for the breathtaking views from the mountain.
How to get there: best with a guided tour, since public transport does not go here.


In the mountains of Montenegro there are several amazing monasteries. Ostrog is a Serbian Orthodox monastery, it must be on your list of interesting places in Montenegro. Ostrog was built in the 1600s, literally completely carved into a vertical rock. Here there is a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
How to get there: with an excursion or by bus, which goes along the road connecting Podgorica and Niksic.

Moraca is another beautiful and quiet monastery. There are still a few monks living here, and this is one of the most famous medieval monuments of Montenegro.
How to get there: with a guided tour or on any bus from your city that goes along the highway E65.

Monastery Moraca (Montenegro)

Skadar Lake

It is a large freshwater lake, surrounded by the borders of Albania and Montenegro and surrounded by dramatic karst mountains and rocky shores. The lake is home to a variety of wildlife, more than 260 species of birds, traditional fishing villages, monasteries and beaches.
Getting there: with an excursion, by car, by public transport, by train from Podgorica.